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The Abraham Zelmanov Journal The Abraham Zelmanov Journal is a non-commercial, academic journal registered with the Royal National Library of Sweden. The journal for General Relativity, gravitation and cosmology ISSN 1654-9163 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    The main idea of this journal is to publish most creative works on relativity produced by the modern authors, and also the legacy of the classics which was unaccessed in English before. This journal therefore is open for submissions containing a valuable result in the General Theory of Relativity, gravitation, cosmology, and also the related themes from physics, mathematics, and astronomy. All submitted papers should be in good English, and be designed in LaTeX format using our LaTeX template (you may like our list of free LaTeX software to install it on your computer). The LaTeX file(s) should be submitted to the Editor.

  • Profile

    This journal is named after Abraham Zelmanov (1913-1987), a prominent scientist working in the General Theory of Relativity and cosmology, whose main goal was the mathematical apparatus for calculation of the physical observable quantities in the General Theory of Relativity (it is also known as the theory of chronometric invariants). He also developed the basics of the theory of an inhomogeneous anisotropic universe, and the classification of all possible models of cosmology which could be theoretically conceivable in the space-time of General Relativity (the Zelmanov classification). He also introduced the Anthropic Principle and the Infinite Relativity Principle in cosmology. 

    This journal is a non-commercial, academic edition. It is printed from private donations (contact the Editor for the current information on this subject; we are welcome to donations which could support the journal). Upon publication, the authors of each paper will be sent 3 copies of the journal (the authors are requested to pay postal charges dependent on the location), whilst any academic library can register for the printed copies of the journal free of charge. To order printed issues, contact the Editor.

    The Abraham Zelmanov Journal is an open-access journal, published according to the Budapest Open Initiative. The journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Sweden License. This means, in particular, that electronic copying, distribution, and printing of both full-size version of the journal and the individual papers published therein for non-commercial, academic or individual use can be made by any user without permission or charge.

  • Editors

    Editor (redaktor): Dmitri Rabounski
    Secretary (sekreterare): Indranu Suhendro

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