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Sample articles
  • Aims and scope

    Botanica Serbica publishes original research papers on all aspects of plant, fungal and microbial  biology research including scientific disciplines of microbiology, mycology, lichenology,  bryology, flora, vegetation, biogeography, systematics, taxonomy, plant biotechnology, plant cell biology, plant ecology, environmental plant biology, forestry, genomics, horticulture, limnology, metabolomics, molecular biology, microbiology, proteomics, virology, plant conservation and protection and wildlife and ecosystem management. New records and floristical approach will be considered for publishing only for the region of SE Europe and adjecent regions and the decission on such manuscripts acceptance will be leaved for final decission to Editorial board.

  • Profile

    Botanica Serbica is an international peer reviewed journal published as official journal of the Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden "Jevremovac", University of Belgrade, and it is the renamed continuation of the Bulletin of the Institute of  Botany and Botanical Garden Belgrade. The journal is edited by an internationally recognized Editorial Board. The journal is published both online and in 2 printed issues per year.

  • Indexing

    Botanica Serbica is abstracted/indexed:
    - CABI
    - AGRIS
    - CEON
    - DOAJ
    - EBSCO
    - e-journals

  • Editors

    Managing Editor

    Marko Sabovljević, Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden Jevremovac, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

    Editorial Board

    Jelena Blaženčić, Milica Ljaljević Grbić, Petar Marin, Mirjana Nešković, Branimir Petković, Aneta Sabovljević, Draga Simić, Slaviša Stanković, Vladimir Stevanović

    Advisory Board

    Michele Aleffi (Camerino, Italy)
    Antun Alegro (Zagreb, Croatia)
    Peter Bilovitz (Graz, Austria)
    Fabio Conti (Camerino, Italy)
    Cvetomir Denchev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    Ivana Dragićević (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Sonja Duletić-Laušević (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Pedja Janaćković (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Radiša Jančić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Nejc Jogan (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Slobodan Jovanović (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Mitko Karadelev (Skopje, Macedonia)
    Marjetka Kidrič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Jelena Knežević-Vukčević (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Branislava Lakušić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Dmitar Lakušić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Ljupcho Melovski (Skopje, Macedonia)
    Václav Motyka (Prague, Czeck Republic)
    Marjan Niketić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Beata Papp (Budapest, Hungary)
    Ana Petrova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    Sofija Pekić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Svetlana Radović (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Jennifer Rowntree (Manchester, UK)
    Swen Schellmann (Cologne, Germany)
    José Gabriel Segarra Moragues (Valencia, Spain)
    Sonja Siljak-Jakovljev (Paris, France)
    Helen Skaltsa (Athens, Greece)
    Saša Stefanović (Toronto, Canada)
    Boštjan Surina (Rijeka, Croatia)
    Milan Veljić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Brankica Vuković-Gačić (Belgrade, Serbia)
    Kit Tan (Copenhagen, Denmark)

  • Guide to authors

    General Instructions

    Botanica Serbica publishs papers in plant sciences in English (with Serbian abstract).
    Botanica Serbica will publish original scientific papers, notes (short communication), review articles and letters to the editor. Full papers should be concise without compromising clarity and completeness and should generally occupy no more than 12 published pages. In case of more, please contact the editorial. Notes should not be more than 5 printed pages (including references and abstract). Materials and Methods will remain as a separate section. Results and Discussion section could be combined followed by conclusion. On occasion, the journals will invite and publish reviews on important issues in any field of plant science. Letter to the Editor is limited to a maximum of 850 words.
    The abstract in Serbian language should be provided at the end of the manuscript. The Serbian abstract will be added by the Editor only in case if the author(s) has no ability to do it.

    Submission of Manuscripts

    Authors are required to submit their articles to Botanica Serbica by sending it as word attachment. At the stage of submission the figures should be incorporated in the manuscript file at its end. Papers previously published and/or under consideration for publication elsewhere cannot be accepted.

    Preparation of Manuscripts


    Papers must be written in English. Authors whose native language is not English are strongly advised to have their manuscripts checked by an English-speaking colleague prior to submission. The authors are responsible for the quality of English language. Manuscripts that are deficient in this respect may be returned to the author for revision before scientific review.
    Presentation of Manuscripts
    A recent issue of Botanica Serbica should be consulted for guidance on format and style. Up-to-date Instructions to Authors are also available on the Journals website. The manuscript should be prepared using Microsoft Word with the following layout.
    1. Manuscript should contain title page, abstract(s), main body, and references.
    2. Tables should be added after references and each new table should be on a separate page.
    3. Figures should follow the tables, putting each figure on a separate page ensuring that the figure is at least the size it will be in the final printed document. Number each figure outside the boundary of figure. Resolution of the figures should be at least 150 pixels/cm (300 pixels/in).
    4. Number manuscript pages consecutively and activate line numbering.
    5. The manuscript should be double-spaced. The beginning of each new paragraph must be clearly indicated by indentation. Left-justify the text and turn off automatic hyphenation. Use carriage returns only to end headings and paragraphs. Artificial word breaks at the end of lines must be avoided. Do not insert spaces before punctuation.
    6. Please use standard fonts such as Times New Roman. Use consistent notations and spellings
    7. Please follow internationally accepted rules and conventions for gene and protein names, units, for symbols, and for capitalization in text, tables, and figures.
    Title Page
    The title page should include a concise and informative title, author names in full, and affiliations. The name of the corresponding author as well as his/her mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address should be provided in a footnote. Provide short running title as well.
    The abstract should be one paragraph, no longer than 350 words. No references should be cited in the abstract. Abbreviations should be avoided, but if they have to be used, they must be defined the first time they appear. A list of keywords (up to six) must be included after the abstract for indexing purposes.
    General Arrangement of Text
    The text should be divided into sections with the headings: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. Subheadings within sections except introduction can be used to clarify their contents. Introduction and Discussion sections may contain present tense to convey generally accepted information. Materials and Methods and Results are normally written in the past tense. Results and discussion can be combined.
    The introduction should define the problem and provide sufficient information to explain the background. The objectives should be stated but it should not contain a summary of the results.


    Sufficient detail must be provided to allow the work to be repeated. This section should contain the experimental protocols and the origin of materials, tissue, cell lines, or organisms.
    The Results section should be in logical order presenting the experimental results.


    The authors should interpret their results clearly and suggest what they might mean in a larger context. Please do not repeat the information provided in the Results chapter.


    Please, give a short chapter with outline of the results and its significance to science
    Assistance received from funding agencies and colleagues should be acknowledged in this section.


    Published or “in press” articles may be included in the reference list. Unpublished studies should be referred to as such or as a personal communication in the text. Citations of references should be in following format: Perić et al. (2008) or (Perić et al. 2008) for more than two authors, Perić & Perić (2008) or (Perić & Perić 2008) for two and Perić (2008) or (Perić 2008) for one author. More than one citation should be organized hronologically as followed (Perić 2007, 2008; Marković 2008). The references should be containing the last names and initials of the authors, year of publication, title of the paper, and the title of the journal. These should be followed by the volume and page numbers. References to books should include the title of the book, the year of publication, the publishing company and the place of publication. Some examples are given below:
    Journal Names should be abbreviated according to International Standard. For rare and older Journals give full name.
    Citation format examples (follow the links for Journal Abbreviations):
    or the mirror link
    If the Journal title is rare or not present in the list above give the full Journal name.


    Nathan R & Levin SA. 2001.Dispersal biogeography. Acad. Press NY

    Book Chapter

    Stevanović V. 1992. Klasifikacija životnih formi flore Srbije. In: Sarić M (ed.), Flora Srbije1, pp.  39-46, Srpska Akademija Nauka i Umetnosti, Beograd.


    Ainouche AK, Ainouche BK & Bayer RJ. 1999. Phylogenetic relationship in Lupinus (Fabaceae: Papilionidae) based on internal transcribed spacer sequences (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA. Am. J. Bot. 86: 590–607.

    Avoid the citation of the web pages due to inconsistency. If the web site references are used, the URL should be included next to information in the text. Please check the references carefully for accuracy, missing information, and punctuations.

    Tables and Figures

    The lists of tables or figures should be numbered consecutively staring from 1.
    Tabulation and illustration should not be used for points that can be adequately and concisely described in the text. Tables and figures should be understandable on their own without reference to the text. Text within figure should be at least 7pt Ariel. Explanatory footnotes should be related to the legend or table using superscript lower-case letters. All abbreviations should be defined after the footnotes below the table or by reference to a previous table in the same paper.
    Acceptable image formats are TIFF, EPS or JPEG. Electronic figure files should be named with the last name of the first author and the figure number; for example, Perić Fig1. Figure number must also be included in the file. Authors wishing to publish color art must pay the associated publication costs, which will be estimated on acceptance of the paper. In cases where it is clear that the figure must be presented in color and authors cannot cover color art fees, such fees may be waived at the discretion of the editor after reviewing a letter explaining the circumstances.

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