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Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews CCBR is open access journal of the Comparative Cognition Society. CCBR publishes high quality, programmatic review articles covering current topics in comparative cognition ISSN: 1911-4745 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews is a journal of substantive reviews and short constructive critiques. The topic for reviews and critiques is animal cognition, broadly conceived to include research on animal learning, memory, and perception. In addition, Reviews publishes a small number of reviews aimed at a general audience.

    We encourage researchers in related fields such as behavioral ecology and neuroscience to consider using our journal as an venue to synthesize major components of their research program, and also, to build bridges, both theoretical and practical, with comparative cognition and behavior researchers who investigate complementary research areas.

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  • Editors


    Dr. Ronald Weisman
    Department of Psychology

    Dr. Robert Cook
    Tufts University
    Department of Psychology

    Editorial Board:

    Michael Brown, Villanova University
    Jonathon Crystal, University of Georgia
    Russell Church, Brown University
    Anthony Dickinson, Cambridge University
    Masako Jitsumori, Chiba University
    Peter Killleen, Arizona State University
    John Pearce, University College, Wales 
    Bennett Schwartz, Florida International University
    Sara Shettleworth, University of Toronto 
    Marcia Spetch, University of Alberta
    Christopher Sturdy, University of Alberta
    Edward Wasserman, University of Iowa
    Thomas Zentall, University of Kentucky

    Production Editor: Christopher Sturdy

    Graphics and Web Design Chief: Monica Hurt, Queen's University

    Publishers for the Comparative Cognition Society: Ronald Weisman & Robert Cook 

  • Guide to authors

    The editors both invite authors to submit articles and consider articles submitted in the usual way. It is wise to write the editors for guidance concerning prospective articles. The editors, associatie editors, and invited reviewers critically evaluate all articles submitted to Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews.

    The web-based format is meant to encourage innovation in presenting findings and analyses (full-color presentations of figures, illustrations, photos, and videos). The journal uses the Style Manual of the American Psychological Association for guidance in citatiion, references, and related matters. Graphics are to be consistent in style and color within an article. Authors will retain copyright of their articles At least initially, the journal will be freely accessible on the web to all. Reviews are published on the world-wide-web by the Comparative Cognition Society, a scientific society dedicated to studying the mechanisms and evolution of cognition in animals.

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