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Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics The Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics is a bilingual scientific and professional journal dealing with the various aspects of applied linguistics ISSN 1481-868X (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    The Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics is a bilingual scientific and professional journal dealing with the various aspects of applied linguistics: mother tongue and second-language teaching, first and second language acquisition, bilingual education, sociolinguistics, language planning, sociology of language, psycholinguistics, literacy, applied phonetics, translation/terminology and multimedia and language teaching. The Journal is published twice a year with occasional special issues. Since 2010 (Volume 12), the journal has been published online as an open access journal.

  • Profile

    The journal is affiliated with The Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics/ L'Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée.

    This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

    All manuscripts submitted to CJAL\RCLA will be peer reviewed. Each manuscript will be sent to the Editor-in-chief (English manuscripts) or the French Editor who in turn will assign 3 reviewers with the stipulation that the review would normally be submitted within 3 weeks. Once two concordant reviews are received, the Section Editor will make a decision, even if the third review has not been received. In the case of conflicting reviews, the Section Editor will have the prerogative on making a decision. In general, if two of three reviews are favourable, the manuscript will be accepted. However, if two are not favourable it will be declined. Any properly challenged decision will be given due consideration by the Editor-in-chief, the French Editor, and the Book Review Editor.

    The Canadian Journal of Linguistics adheres to a double blind review process.

    Approved by the Executive of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics.

  • Indexing

    The Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics is indexed in ERIC, Repère, Linguistics Abstracts, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, MLA Bibliography and Viniti (All Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information).

  • Editors

    Miles Turnbull, University of PEI

    Managing Editor:
    Christine Gordon Manley, Centre for Education Research

    Editorial Assistant:
    Anabelle Patterson

    French Editor:
    Françoise Mougeon, Université York, Canada

    Book Review Editor:
    Leif French, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada

  • Guide to authors

    Word Processing Specifications

    The following guidelines are for authors submitting a manuscript, as well as those preparing the final version of articles or book reviews which have been accepted for publication. Failure to follow these guidelines will delay the review and publication process.

    General instructions for manuscripts

    1. Only word-processed texts will be accepted in Microsoft Word (or RTF).
    2. Always double space all elements of the manuscript, including long
        quotations, notes, examples, endnotes and references. Endnotes should
        appear after the text and before the References.
    3. When submitting the final corrected version of your text, send your
        file(s) using the process outlined on the Online Journal System.
    4. Final preparation of the manuscript is based on the revised paper copy
        submitted by the Editor to the Managing Editor. For special formatting     
       (diagrams, examples, etc.) and special characters (phonetic symbols, non-
        Latin alphabetic symbols, etc.) not easily produced via word procesing,
        PDFs can be submitted.

    Submission instructions for manuscripts

    Submission instructions for articles and reviews differ.

    1. List the following information on a separate page:
        a. the title;
        b. name(s) of author(s);
        c. author(s)' professional affiliation(s);
        d. postal address and e-mail address of first author.
    2. Include the following information at the beginning of the article:
        a. the title;
        b. two abstracts (between 10 and 15 lines, maximum 150 words), one
            in English and one in French. Please note that it is the author's  
            responsibility to provide a French abstract. CJAL can edit the text;
            however, we cannot offer translation services at this time.
    3. To ensure anonymity during peer review, do not identify the author(s) in
        the article.
    4. Manuscripts should be approximately 30 to 35 pages in length, double
        spaced, including notes, tables, figures, and references.
    5. When submitting a manuscript for possible publication, send the file(s)
        as an attachment using the Online Journal System.

    Please note: Before beginning the peer review process, all submissions are verified for evidence of plagiarism using anti-plagiarism software.

    Book reviews

    1. Contact the Book Review Editor before submitting a review.
    2. Submit Book Reviews as an attachment in Microsoft Word (or RTF).
    3. Begin the review with the complete first name and the last name of the 
        author(s) of the book in question, followed by its year of publication,
        title, place of publication, the name of the publisher, and the number of
        pages (Roman and Arabic). On a separate line, indicate the first and last
        names as well as the institutional affiliation or place of residence of the
        author of the review.
    4. The pages of the book referred to in the review should be put in            
        parentheses and preceded by either "p." or "pp.".
    5. Guidelines for reviews are the same as those specified for articles, including
        references for any works cited in the review.

    Style Guide

    The CJAL requires authors of manuscripts and book reviews to follow guidelines outlined in the  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition

    A Note to those Submitting French Articles

    In order to comply with the OJS, we kindly ask that you follow this process when submitting an article in French:

    1. Save your title in French (with the résumé)

    2. Save your title in English (with the abstract)
    Unfortunately, if the article is not saved in both languages, you will not be able to proceed to the next stage of submission.

  • Contact

    Manuscripts of articles should be submitted electronically through the journal site 

    Manuscripts of book reviews should be forwarded to the book review editor, Leif French: Books for review should be sent to him at the following address: Unité en linguistique et en langues modernes, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, 555, boul. de l’Université, Chicoutimi, QC, G7H 2B1.

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