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Dynamical Psychology Dynamical Psychology is a journal for the study of complex mental processes of all kinds ISSN: 1946-7125 (ONLINE) Journal metadata

Sample articles
  • Aims and scope

    Dynamical Psychology is a journal for the study of complex mental processes of all kinds.

    We are concerned with, very broadly speaking,
    - the patterns by which psychological processes unfold through time
    - the emergent, persistent structures which arise as a consequence of this unfolding

    We are explicitly open to a variety of perspectives on psychological process, including cognitive, behavioral, nonlinear-science, physics-oriented, sociological, phenomenological, and transpersonal.

    We are committed to using innovative ideas to understand the mind as a whole, bridging the artificial separations which currently exist between disciplines and subdisciplines.
    Recognizing that the goal of science is understanding and not merely data, we aim at a side-by-side presentation of theoretical explorations, mathematical analyses, computational experiments, and empirical data.

    While the scope of DynaPsyc is broad, certain areas are of particular interest to the editors. These include, but are not limited to:

    - nonlinear dynamics and complexity science, used to
      provide innovative analyses of psychological data
      construct computational models which emulate the behavior of psychological systems

    - consciousness viewed as a process dynamical system — from any perspective, be it neural networks, abstract algebra, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism or transpersonal psychology

    - the mental construction of reality, viewed from social, psychophysical, complex-systems and neurophysiological perspectives

    - connections between different areas of mind science — e.g. psychophysics and learning theory, quantum physics and psychology, neurobiology and phenomenology, cognitive and transpersonal models of consciousness….

  • Profile

    Dynamical Psychology is an electronic journal.

    It is a continuation of the paper journal PsychoScience, which existed from 1993-1995, and which was edited by Mark Germine, with assistance from Allan Combs. The contents of the paper issues of PsychoScience are available here online, along with the new DynaPsyc material.

    Dynamical Psychology contains five types of contribution:
    research articles presenting experimental data, computational experiments, mathematical analyses, or clearly-formulated theoretical ideas
    informal essays presenting more personal, wide-ranging views on aspects of mental process
    survey articles, presenting summaries of past contributions, or synthesizing ideas and results from different paradigms.
    brief commentaries, pertaining to the contents of research articles, essays, survey articles, or other commentaries
    book reviews.

    Authors are invited to submit papers which present innovative, unorthodox interpretations of empirical or computational experiments that have already been described in other publications.
    Readers are invited to submit commentary items pertaining to DynaPsyc articles. The ability to present a continuously running stream of commentaries, linked in with articles, is one of the advantages of the electronic format. The level of scholarship involved in commentary items is expected to be well above that of the average Internet newsgroup post.

  • Editors

    Editor: Mark Germine

    Associate Editors: Allan Combs, Ben Goertzel

    Honorary Editors: Ervin Laszlo, Stanley Krippner

    Editorial Board: 

    Fred Abraham
    John Arden
    Jason Brown
    George Christos
    Thomas Germinario

  • Guide to authors

    We will endeavor to provide a publication decision within 30 days of receipt, often faster. However, authors must naturally expect some variance here.

    Our methods of assessing submissions are as follows:
    - Research papers and survey articles will be peer-reviewed
    - Commentary items and book reviews will be accepted or rejected by editorial decision
    - Informal essays may be processed either by peer review or by editorial decision. Authors may request peer review if that is their wish.

    Initial submissions may be made in electronic format, or by ordinary post. However, electronic format is encouraged, and if a paper is accepted for publication, at that point the author will be required to provide an electronic version.

    The preferred formats for submission are, in order of preference:
    1. Word (*.doc or *.docx)
    2. PDF
    3. HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language).
    4. RTF (Rich Text Format)

    Note that all modern word processors (e.g. recent versions of Word and WordPerfect) will create RTF files.

    Copyright Policy

    Our current policy, subject to change, is that we will not require authors to assign the copyrights of their articles to DynaPsyc. All we ask is that the author grants DynaPsyc permission to post their article on the Web for an unlimited time period.
    Except in unusual cases, we will not accept articles that have previously been published in another refereed journal — we prefer to focus DynaPsyc on original material.

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