Iris. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate

Iris. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate Iris. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate is a peer-reviewed international journal ISSN: 2036-6329 (ONLINE) ISSN: 2036-3257 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    The journal is primarily concerned with contemporary philosophy, but will not neglect the historical dimension of topics and authors, and specifically hosts studies of classic philosophical texts on the basis of their relevance for contemporary debate. Iris would hope to act as an important platform for exploring the most recent and significant trends of Italian and European philosophy in their engagement with the most topical and significant international issues.

  • Profile

    Iris. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate is a peer-reviewed international journal. It has arisen from the long experience of Iride. Filosofia e discussione pubblica, one of the main Italian journals of philosophy that was founded in 1988 and is regularly cited by the Philosopher’s Index.
    Iris publishes two issues a year, comprising approximately five hundred pages in total. The two issues alternate sections on continental philosophy with more analytically oriented ones, along with pieces focussing upon current points of intersection between both traditions. 

    The journal does not follow any specific school of thought and is committed to providing a platform for dialogue between different approaches. The topics are chosen for their relevance to contemporary philosophical discussion and public debate. The structure of the journal, with its various sections, reflects these aims. 

  • Editors


    Giovanni Mari, University of Florence

    Associate Editor

    Alessandro Pagnini, University of Florence

    Managing Editor

    Andrea Borsari, University of Florence

    Reviews Editor

    Adriano Bugliani, University of Florence

    International Editorial Advisory Board:

    Carla Bagnoli, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Raja Bahlul, UAE
    Etienne Balibar, Irvine
    Ulrich Beck, Munich
    Richard Bellamy, London
    Seyla Benhabib, New Haven
    Jocelyn Benoist, Paris
    Alain Caillé, Paris
    Sergio Caruso, Florence
    Roberto Casati, Venice
    Gilberto Corbellini, Rome
    Tim Crane, London
    Roger Crisp, Oxford
    Manuel Cruz, Barcelona
    Robert D’Amico, Gainesville
    Jonathan Dancy, Reading and Austin
    Vincent Descombes, Paris
    Fabrizio Desideri, Florence
    Felix Duque, Madrid
    Alexander G. Düttmann, London
    Pascal Engel, Paris
    Maurizio Ferraris, Turin
    Günter Figal, Freiburg
    Nancy Fraser, New York
    Carlo Galli, Bologna
    Vanna Gessa Kurotschka, Cagliari
    Volker Gerhardt, Berlin
    John Haldane, St. Andrews
    Otfried Höffe, Tübingen
    Axel Honneth, Frankfurt am Main
    Daniel Innerarity, Saragossa
    Francisco Jarauta, Murcia
    Ralf Konersmann, Kiel
    Hans-Peter Krüger, Potsdam
    Maria Pia Lara, Mexico City
    Charles Larmore, Chicago
    Peter Machamer, Pittsburgh
    Christoph Menke, Potsdam and New York
    Massimo Mori, Turin
    Jean-Luc Nancy, Strasbourg
    Gianni Paganini, Vercelli
    Mario Perniola, Rome
    Alberto Peruzzi, Florence
    Robert Pippin, Chicago
    Hamadi Redissi, Tunis
    Hans-Jörg Sandkühler, Bremen
    Joan Tronto, New York
    Camil Ungureanu, Barcelona
    Eleni Varikas, Paris
    Federico Vercellone, Udine
    Gianni Vattimo, Turin
    Hayden White, Santa Cruz
    Gereon Wolters, Constance
    Christoph Wulf, Berlin

  • Contact

    Principal Contact

    Giovanni Mari

    Support Contact

    Firenze University Press
    Phone: ( 39) 055 2743051

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