Multi: The Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design

Multi: The Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design Multi is the first multidisciplinary journal dedicated to all that affects design and its attendant and related disciplines. ISSN 1942-3527 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    Multi is the first multidisciplinary journal dedicated to all that affects design and its attendant and related disciplines. Multi provides a venue though which truly forward-looking, practical matters pertinent to design can be discussed and shared amongst design professionals with colleagues from those academic disciplines influenced and affected by advances in design and design technology. Above all, Multi aims to nurture an inclusive intellectual environment that both stimulates and supports the discourse anchored by multiplicity in design. Multi endeavors to include as many perspectives and as many voices as possible, while maintaining rigorous editorial standards. Multi is the vehicle which helps to foster a renewed energy and responsibility amongst not only design professionals but all those whose lives are touched in some way through design.

  • Profile

    Multi is an academic peer-reviewed publication that welcomes scholarly manuscripts concerning topical issues related to diversity, plurality, multiplicity as relevant to the practice, research, and critical consideration of design. Multi is an academic journal sponsored and published by the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of technology and the aim of the journal is to publish works of all types—articles, annotated bibliographies, research reports, and book reviews—for a broad, multidisciplinary academic design community. All submissions are peer reviewed by at least two members of the Multi editorial board or designated affiliates. Following review, articles are returned for revision before final acceptance. All materials will be edited as required for clarity and conformity to the rigorous editorial standards set forth by the editors of Multi.

  • Editors


    Dr. Alex Bitterman, RIT, United States
    Laura R Chessin, VCU
    Daniel R Skrok, United States
    Nick Paulus

    Section Editors

    Dr. Alex Bitterman, RIT, United States
    Mikel Breitenstein
    Laura R Chessin, VCU

    Layout Editors

    Dr. Alex Bitterman, RIT, United States
    Sumit Paul

  • Guide to authors

    Multi maintains rigorous editorial standards. Authors should allocate about 5-8 hours for the final check and submission of manuscripts to the editors. Manuscripts that do not conform to the guidelines set forth will be rejected, and will not be accepted for future review. All manuscripts should be submitted via the Multi OJS website for review, and must not have been published previously or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

    At present, Multi is published primarily in English, though authors may feel free to submit works in languages other than English, the review process may be slightly more lengthy. Submission Preparation Checklist For publication consideration, authors should prepare manuscripts as follows:

    1. The submission has not been previously published, and must not be under consideration elsewhere.

    2. The submission file is in Apple Pages format. Microsoft Word, or RTF may also be submitted.

    3. Where relevant, please identify all sources of financial support for this submission (such as grants, research funding, scholarships, or awards.)

    4. Text is clearly readable.

    5. The corresponding author should be sure to complete all relevant details at time of submission, including names of authors, degrees, e-mail address, institutional affiliation, full mailing addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers (please include country code). In instances where multiple authors are listed, please be sure to indicate which author will act as "corresponding" author by underlining that author's name.

    6.Submissions must include an abstract of no more than 250 words (highlighting the scope, methodology, and conclusions of the paper) at the beginning of each manuscript.

    7. If using copyrighted material (quotations, tables, illustrations, etc.), the author is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder. These permissions should be included with the original submission. Images, illustrations, or media created by the author should be so noted. Works containing improperly cited material(s) will be rejected.

    8. Tables and figures (not images) must be included within the text of the paper. Please remember, Multi is a design-oriented journal, and tables/figures submitted should be high-resolution (300dpi or better), JPG or SVG format and prepared for a professional academic appearance (i.e., spell checked and proofread.).

    9. Images must be uploaded as separate files with the original submission. Upload only JPG or SVG files 300dpi or better. Media files may be submitted as MOV, FLV, or WMV files.

    10. The submission, and citations contained within conform to the most recent "Author Date" Chicago manual style. Footnotes should not be used. Endnotes may be used when necessary, but should not be used to reference or cite source information. Source citations should include full names of all authors, not initials.

    11. Multi is primarily published in American English. Please ensure submissions conform to Americanized spelling and grammar conventions.

    12. Please submit, as a supplemental file with your manuscript, the names and addresses of four potential referees. Please note that the editors retain the right to decide whether or not the suggested reviewers are used.

  • Contact

    Dr. Alex Bitterman

    Attention: MULTI
    RIT 3404 Booth Hall
    73 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623-5603

    Principal Contact

    Alex Bitterman
    Editor in Chief
    School of Design, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, RIT
    Rochester Institute of Technology School of Design, Booth Hall Rochester, New York 14623-5603
    Phone: 585.475.5397
    Fax: 585.475.7533

    Support Contact
    Alex Bitterman

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