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Nordic Journal of African Studies The Nordic Journal of African Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published by the Nordic Association of African Studies (NAAS) ISSN 1459-9465 (ONLINE) ISSN 1235-4481 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    The Nordic Journal of African Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published by the Nordic Association of African Studies (NAAS). Its focus is on Africa, and, starting from the first issue of 2008, it publishes material primarily in the following interrelated fields: African language studies; African literatures; African cultural studies

  • Profile

    The Nordic Journal of African Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published by the Nordic Association of African Studies (NAAS).

    Each article submitted for publication will be independently peer-reviewed before being selected for publication. The primary publication language of the NJAS is English, but articles in French and Swahili will also be published. Book reviews and news about ongoing research, workshops and conferences are also published.

    The NJAS has appeared since 1992, initially with two issues per year, but from 2000 three numbers were printed annually. Starting from 2004, however, the journal became purely electronic, and since then the Web version has appeared four times per year.

    One of the most notable developments in the journal in recent years has been the increasing number of contributions from Africa.

    This publication has regularly received financial support on an annual basis from the Nordic Committee for the Publication of Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOP-HS).

  • Editors

    Editorial Board

    Fleisch, Axel (Editor)
    University of Helsinki, Finland

    Stotesbury, John (Treasurer)
    University of Eastern Finland, Finland

    Lodhi, Abdulaziz Y. (Publication Secretary)
    University of Uppsala, Sweden

    Andersen, Torben
    Aalborg University, Denmark

    Hurskainen, Arvi
    University of Helsinki, Finland
    Legere, Karsten
    University of Gothenburg, Sweden

    Endresen, Rolf Theil
    University of Oslo, Norway

    Hansen, Holger Bernt
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Pálsson, Gísli
    University of Iceland, Iceland

    Talle, Aud
    University of Oslo, Norway

    Weiss, Holger
    University of Helsinki, Finland

  • Guide to authors


    NJAS publishes ONLY ORIGINAL PAPERS not published elsewhere in paper format or on the Internet. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as an email attachment or on a diskette, written with one of the standard text editors (preferably Microsoft Word). A paper copy may also be required, if the manuscript contains special fonts. Keep a copy of the manuscript for your own reference.

    Please make sure that the language of your manuscript is properly corrected. The editor's task will be very much slowed whenever he has to take responsibility for language correction.

    The first page should have the title of the article and the name and sex of the writer(s) (family name in CAPITALS), full mailing address and correct email address. It should also indicate clearly the disciplinary field of study covered by the paper. Note that all correspondence will be via email.

    The second page should contain

        - an abstract of NOT MORE than 150 words
        - keywords (five maximum)
        - a brief description of the author (including academic affiliation and research interests)

    The third page should contain the title of the paper and the start of the main text.

    Manuscripts should normally not exceed 7,000 words, or 45,000 characters (including spaces).

    Please send this all in a SINGLE file. Do NOT send sections of the paper in separate files apart from illustrations, if necessary.


    Footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the text. Many text editors do this automatically. Acknowledgements should be marked by an asterisk (*) and they should precede the footnotes. Please use footnotes, NOT endnotes!


    References should be cited in the text according to the standard citation system, e.g. (Wolff 1981: 244-46), or "... on the origin of Bantu languagess Guthrie (1971: 13) stated...". Please DO NOT use the form "... on the origin of Bantu languages [Guthrie 1971: 13] stated...". The list of references or bibliography should be presented in alphabetical order according to the following format:

    Flight, C. 1988.
        Bantu trees and some wider ramifications. African Languages and Cultures 1(1): 25-43.
    Heine, B. 1971.
        Urbanisierung und Sprachsoziologie afrikanischer linguaefrancae. Linguistics 73: 46-61.
        Sprache, Gesellschaft und Kommunikation in Afrika. Munich und London: Weltforum Verlag.
    Parkin, D. 1974.
        Language Schift and Ethnicity in Nairobi: The Speech Community of Kaloleni. In: Language in Kenya, Wilfred H. Whiteley (ed.), pp. 167-187. Nairobi: Oxford University Press.

    Please make sure that all references in text have corresponding bibliographical information in the list of references. Do NOT list such publications and sources that you have not referred to in the text.

    Tables, figures and maps

    These should be planned to fit into the page without crowding. They should be identified by an Arabic numeral and they should be submitted either as separate electronic files or included in the text manuscript itself.

    Editorial procedure

    Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged. Manuscripts will be evaluated by at least one reader other than the Editor, and a decision on publication will be made accordingly.
    Papers that do not confirm to the requirements above are subject to be rejected without review.

  • Contact

    Please send manuscripts for review to:

    Prof. Axel Fleisch
    University of Helsinki 
    PO Box 59, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
    Tel: 358-(0)9-191 22677 (work)
    Fax: 358-(0)9-191 22094 (work)

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