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Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment Techne publishes contributions in the technological and environmental planning action area ISSN 2239-0243 (ONLINE) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    TECHNE, the scientific magazine of SITdA, the Italian Society of Architectural Technology, meets the Society's aims by working, at national and international level, to promote knowledge and the methods and techniques of Architectural Technology, so as to protect and enhance the man-made environment, and to promote innovative applications and interdisciplinary comparison.

    Techne aims: to publicize significant contributions in the technological and environmental planning action area, to provide a tool for international comparison on research themes in that area, to promote the recognition of scientific contributions in accordance with its criteria on the evaluation of research in an academic context and to promote the circulation of contributions concerning research and experimentation, the results and effects of which are interesting in terms of social, economic, environmental and cultural impact.

    The magazine publishes articles on innovative research and applications, as well as essays and reports. The authors work in the academic world and in research facilities in the area of architectural design, industry, entrepreneurial activities and client, public and private organizations.

    TECHNE addresses a target market interested in debating relevant and critical points of view and acquiring useful knowledge for the development of projects through a comparison of different approaches.

  • Profile

    The magazine endorses an editorial policy primarily geared towards the diffusion of knowledge, favouring access to it and ensuring reliable and original contributions as well as recognition to the authors.

    Techne publishes two issues a year; it includes articles, essays, columns, interviews and reviews by authors who work in the academic world, in research, design, industry, and entrepreneurial and client organizations.

  • Editors

    Roberto Palumbo

    Scientific Committee
    Ezio Andreta, Gabriella Caterina, Pier Angiolo Cetica, Romano Del Nord, Gianfranco Dioguardi, Stephen Emmitt, Paolo Felli, Rosario Giuffrè, Lorenzo Matteoli, Achim Menges

    Editor in Chief
    Maria Chiara Torricelli 

    Editorial Board 
    Alfonso Acocella, Andrea Campioli, Giorgio Giallocosta, Mario Losasso, Rivka Oxman, Gabriella Peretti, Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Ferdinando Terranova 

    Assistant Editors 
    Luigi Alini, Ernesto Antonini, Serena Viola 

    Editorial Assistants 
    Sara Benzi, Nicoletta Setola, Dario Trabucco 

    Graphic Design 
    Veronica Dal Buono 

    Executive Graphic Design 
    Giulia Pellegrini

  • Contact

    Mailing Address

    Redazione TECHNE
    Via San Niccolò, 93
    50125 Firenze

    Principal Contact

    Redazione Techne c/o SITdA onlus

    Support Contact

    Firenze University Press

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