Advances in Cognitive Psychology

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Associations between music education, intelligence, and spelling ability in elementary school Katrin Hille, Kilian Gust, Ulrich Bitz, Thomas Kammer 1
School based working memory training: Preliminary finding of improvement in children's mathematical performance Marcus Witt 2
Neural representations of the sense of self William R. Klemm 3
The role of response modalities in cognitive task representations Andrea M. Philipp, Iring Koch 4
The effect of target context and cue type in a postcue word pronunciation task Karen Murphy, Lauren Green 5
Timelines of past events: Reconstructive retrieval of temporal patterns Maria G. Carelli 6
Neuro-cognitive mechanisms of conscious and unconscious visual perception: From a plethora of phenomena to general principles Markus Kiefer, Ulrich Ansorge, John-Dylan Haynes, Fred Hamker, Uwe Mattler, Rolf Verleger, Michael Niedeggen 7
Roles of contour and surface processing in microgenesis of object perception and visual consciousness Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Evelina Tapia 8
Follow the sign! Top-down contingent attentional capture of masked arrow cues Heiko Reuss, Carsten Pohl, Andrea Kiesel, Wilfried Kunde 9
Good vibrations, bad vibrations: Oscillatory brain activity in the attentional blink Jolanda Janson, Cornelia Kranczioch 10
Top-down contingent feature-specific orienting with and without awareness of the visual input Ulrich Ansorge, Gernot Horstmann, Ingrid Scharlau 11
Dos and don'ts in response priming research Filipp Schmidt, Anke Haberkamp, Thomas Schmidt 12
The effects of spatial and temporal cueing on metacontrast masking Maximilian Bruchmann, Philipp Hintze, Simon Mota 13
Cognitive and affective judgements of syncopated musical themes Peter E. Keller, Emery Schubert 14
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