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Mineralogical composition of genetic horizons of crusty meadow solonetz soil profile from Püspökladány based on X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis Gyula Szoor, Eva Balazs, Tibor Novak, Peter Kovacs-Palff, Peter Konya 1
Brief notes on previous and recent results of thermoanalytical research of bone Lajos Pap, Tamas Buday, Istvan Papp, Izabella Gomez 2
Analysis of sedimentary basins on the example of formations of eastern Cuba Nicolas Vega Garriga, Yamina Rios Martinez 3
Holocene vegetation dynamics in the Bereg Plain, NE Hungary – the Báb-tava pollen and plant macrofossil record E. K. Magyari, G. Jakab, Gy. Szoor, P. Sumegi 4
Tracing prey-predatory interactions in the Early Sarmatian (Mid-Miocene) shelly community from Rollsdorf Formation, Waldhof, Austria based on bioerosional observations Agnes Zagyvai, Gabor Demeter 5
Hydrogeological features of terrestrial meteorite craters Mihalyi Krisztian 6
Engineering geological aspects of cellar assessment in the vine producing region of Eger Richard Nagy 7
Archaeometric results of the investigation on the ruin church at Hódmez vásárhely-Csomorkány Kelemen Eva 8
Methodology of archaeometric investigation of archaeological rock raw-material (stone tools, building material): case studies Anna Farkas-Peto 9
Identifying lithological features using morphometric parameters derived from DEM Szilard Szabo, Gabor Demeter 10
General characteristics of North American lakes Hevesi Attila 11
Basic geomorphological characteristics of the Dinarides Mountain System Andras Bognar 12
Volcanomorphological concerns of the Nagy Hill at Tokaj and the Cigány Hill near Bodrogszegi village Rita Osvath, Arpad Csamer 13
Anthropogenisation of the area of the Biala Przemsza catchment (the Silesian Upland) and regeneration of biogeocenoses Oimahmad Rahmonov, Tadeusz Szczypek, Jolanta Pelka-Gosciniak 14
The influence of anthropopression on the environment of Great Mazurian Lakes Region Leszek Majgier 15
Changes in the state of Cumanian mounds lying in the vicinity of Karcag from the end of the 18th century till today Judit Bukovszki, Csaba Toth 16
Extracts from the geographical works of Lajos Lóczy Schweitzer Ferenc 17
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