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The Never-Ending Dilema: is the Unilateral use of Forcé by States Legal in the Context of Humanitarian Intervention? Pablo Arrocha 1
The greening of the International Court of Justice Rafael Prado 2
Failure of the International Court of Justice in environmental matters, as evidenced in the case of pulp mills on the Uruguay River Marisol Angles 3
The responsibility of the Member States of an international organization by the wrongful act of the same Virginia Gallo Cobian 4
Towards a new model of rule of law? The rule of international law in the sight of Luigi Ferrajoli Jose Valerio Ruiz 5
Interpretation of Article 39 of the UN Charter (Threat of the Peace) by the Security Council. Is the Security Council to Legislator for the Entire International Community? Monica de la Serna Galvan 6
The Responsibility to Protect as a General Principle of International Law Nadja Kunadi 7
The denial of access to justice for irregular migrants in the European Union Loretta Half Ortiz 8
The principle of universal jurisdiction in the Spanish legal system: past, present and future Carmen Marquez Carrasco, Magdalena Martin Martinez 9
The fundamental right to an independent judge in the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Daniel Avila Delgado 10
The Inter-American Human Rights Protection System: Structure, Functioning and Effectiveness in Brazilian Law Valerio Oliveira Mazzuoli 11
A logic of modern exclusão not Imigracão and Asylum Pact da União Europeia: no de novo Jose Luiz Quadros de Magalhaes, SC Dos Reis 12
Private International Law in Latin America: from Hard to Soft Law Nuria Gonzalez Martin 13
The Conseil du compétence externe de sécurité des forces nouvelles ou du droit international Fatma Raach 14
The incorporation of the crime of aggression in the Statute of the International Criminal Court Jose Luis Pepper Vallarta 15
The human rights clauses in trade agreements of the European Union Gerhard Niedrist 16
Economic and financial crisis in the European Union. Reflections on the new instruments for recovery Elena Perez Carrillo 17
The Cotton Field case before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Jose Santiago Camacho Vazquez 18
American Court of Human Rights. Radilla case vs. Mexico. Judgment of 23 November 2009 (preliminary objections, merits, reparations and costs) Alonso Gomez-Robledo V. 19
The control of conventionality: a new debate in Mexico from the court case Radilla Karlos Castille 20
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