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Volume 1
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Solar enriched methane production: Assessment of plant potentialities and applications Marcello De Falco, Vincenzo Piemonte 1
Graphical method for estimating impact of distance line protection into electric power system stability Nike Shanku, Genci Sharko, Marjela Qemali 2
Lever mechanism for vibration isolation Kuinian Li, Mitchell Gohnert 3
An educational physics laboratory experiment for directly measuring the speed of light Krassimira Kardjilova, Peicho Popov, Valentin Lyutskanov, Vladimir Pulov, Mariela Mihova 4
Transformation of the soldiers` personality in the International Operation Theatre and in the Post – operational Stage Aivars Buls, Aleksejs Vorobjovs 5
Workers responsibility in food businesses during implementation of food safety system Radoslav Grujic, Slavica Grujic, Pejo Durasinovic, Pero Pavlovic 6
Innovative aspects in reconstruction of automotive case details using adhesive technology Nikolay Levov 7
Introduction of new technology of fixing traditional colors in the Smolensk architecture (Russian Federation) Julia Griber 8
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