Applied Technologies and Innovations

Volume 2
Paper Author
The axial mixing influence on the number stages of countercurrent absorbers in absorbing NH3-CO2-H2O mixture in NaCl-H2O system Milovan Jotanovic, Vladan Micic, Goran Tadic 1
Load rating of bridges - current practices and issues Amaladosson Rose Enid Teresa, Gunasekaran Umarani, Ashokkumar Kanchanadevi 2
Study on durability of high performance concrete with industrial wastes K Pazhani, R. Jeyaraj 3
Effect of low and superatmosferic O2 modified atmosphere on the quality of fresh-cut pears Zora Jandric, Robert Soliva-Fortuny, Gemma Oms-Oliu, Olga Martin-Belloso, Slavica Grujic 4
Experimental investigations of submerged fermentation and synthesis of pectinolytic enzymes by Aspergillus Niger : Effect of inoculum size and age of spores Kiro Mojsov 5
Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder - related nightmares and other sleep disturbances with risperidone in combat veterans and victims of domestic and childhood abuse Nina Khachiyants 6

[These Articles are generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. Authors should wait for the final decision of editors. Only when the DOI and full text are assigned - then these Articles' records are final and verified. Planned/Called number of Volumes and Articles may change depending on stream of submission and their quality. So, Authors should keep attention on the update status of Volumes and Articles.]

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