Applied Technologies and Innovations

Volume 4
Paper Author
Numerical modelling of the contact problem on the end-plate connections of the steel structures Tale Geramitcioski, Ilios Vilos 1
Algorithm for micropipeline buffer control Dimitar Tyanev, Violeta Bozhikova, Stefan Gerganov, Bozhidar Georgiev 2
Impact of replacement of conventional Recloser with PulseCloser Engjell Zeqo, Rajmonda Bualoti, Olgert Metko 3
Comparison of effects of three commercial pectolytic enzyme preparations in white winemaking Kiro Mojsov, Jugoslav Ziberoski, Zvonimir Bozinovic, Meri Petreska 4
Media technology and vocational education in Nigeria: Problems and prospects Nkasiobi S.Oguzor, Jacinta A. Opara 5
Methods and algorithms of adaptive designing for neuronetworking system of processing the data with non-stationary nature Olimjan Djumanov 6
Infectious diseases and social stigma Joan L. Williams, Diego J. Gonzalez-Medina, Quan Vu Le 7

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