Applied Technologies and Innovations

Volume 7
Paper Author
Anti-aggregatory and fibrinolytic effects of time-released garlic powder tablets Igor Sobenin, Irina Andrianova, Viktoriya Ionova, Vasily Karagodin, Alexander Orekhov 1
Association of the index (2nd) and ring (4th) digit ratios with some physical attributes in Ebira Ethnic Group of Nigeria Augustine Oseloka Ibegbu, Zubair Chegede Danjuma, Wilson Oliver Hamman, Uduak Emmanuel Umana, Daniel Ikyembe, Sunday Abraham Musa 2
Mini-mental status exam mapping to the corresponding brain areas in dementia Nina Khachiyants, Kye Y. Kim 3
Phytotherapy of calcium urolithiasis with extracts of medicinal plants: Changes of diuresis, urine pH and crystalluria Asilbek Gaybullaev, Saidakhror Kariev 4
Trichoderma harzianum as a biocontrol agent against Alternaria alternata on tobacco Biljana Gveroska, Jugoslav Ziberoski 5
Performance estimation of micro-pipeline based calculations Dimitar Tyanev, Antoniya Tyaneva 6

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