Applied Technologies and Innovations

Volume 8
Paper Author
Classification of text documents supervised by domain ontologies Anna Rozeva 1
The taxonomic composition of soil microorganisms in the ecosystems of southern chernozems of Northern Kazakhstan Galina Churkina, Kairat Kunanbayev, Galiya Akhmetova 2
Nitrogen phosphoric fertilizer production technology on the base of Central Kyzylkum phosphorites and ammonium nitrate melt Shavkat Namazov, Akhmed Reymov, Nazarkul Pirmanov, Rashid Kurbaniyazov 3
Methods and algorithms of neuro-fuzzy system for control of texts transfer and processing in the electronic documents Akmal Ahatov, Gulsara Zaripova 4
Global position system technology to monitoring auto transport in Latvia Victor Boicov 5
Methods and algorithms of selection the informative attributes in systems of adaptive data processing for analysis and forecasting Olimjan Djumanov 6

[These Articles are generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. Authors should wait for the final decision of editors. Only when the DOI and full text are assigned - then these Articles' records are final and verified. Planned/Called number of Volumes and Articles may change depending on stream of submission and their quality. So, Authors should keep attention on the update status of Volumes and Articles.]

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