Applied Technologies and Innovations

Volume 9 issue 1
Paper Author
Increase of information transfer authenticity for non-stationary processes on the basis of neurofuzzy data processing system Gulsara Zaripova 1
Innovative component when developing design for the third generation self-destructing syringe with a small dead volume Elena Zhuravleva, Natalya Procuk 2
The market future of automated price parsing systems for the electric power Elena Zhuravleva, Lolita Petrova, Roman Butko 3
Energy savings at the induction method of grain drying Aybek Atykhanov, A. Sagyndikova 4
Thin film nanophase and nanocomposite fluorine-containing wear inhibitors Yauheni Auchynnikau 5
Storage features of Lactobacillus Brevis strain 9 Utemurat Sagyndykov, Z. Kozhahmetova, Gulmira Kasenova 6
Studying the possibility of dehairing coarse sheep wool Murat Otynshiyev, Indira Jurinskaya 7

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