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Site fidelity in the Sichuan Torrent Frog (Amolops mantzorum) in a montane region in western China Wen Bo Liao 1
Changes in the blood composition of some anurans Cigdem Gul, Murat Tosunoglu, Didem Erdogan 2
Kitobo Forest of Kenya, a unique hotspot of herpetofaunal diversity Vincent Muchai, Beryl A. Bwong 3
Orientation and directional escape by Blanchard’s Cricket Frog, Acris blanchardi (Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae), in response to a human predator Malcolm L. McCallum 4
Ontogenetic pattern change in amphibians: the case of Salamandra corsica Wouter Beukema 5
Ecological associations and genetic divergence in Black-bellied Salamanders (Desmognathus quadramaculatus) of the Southern Appalachian Mountains Jessica Wooten, Leslie Rissler 6
Preliminary results on biological aspects of the grass snake, Natrix natrix in the southern coastal area of the Caspian Sea Faraham Ahmadzadeh, Miguel A. Carretero, Konrad Mebert, Afshin Faghiri, Saeedeh Ataei, Samaneh Hamidi, Wolfgang Bohm 7
Tail tip removal for tissue sampling has no short-term effects on microhabitat selection by Podarcis bocagei, but induced autotomy does Francisco Ceacero, Luis Pedrajas, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou, Miguel A. Carretero, Enrique Garcia-Munoz 8
Medical cautery units as a permanent and non-invasive method of marking lizards Anna Ekner, Zofia Sajkowska, Krzysztof Dudek, PIOTR TRYJANOWSKI 9
A skeletochronological estimate of age in a population of the Siberian Wood Frog, Rana amurensis, from northeastern China Wen Bo Liao 10
Escape by the Balearic Lizard (Podarcis lilfordi) is affected by elevation of an approaching predator, but not by some other potential predation risk factors William E. Cooper, Valentin Perez-Mellado 11
Absence of invasive Chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) in native Fijian ground frog (Platymantis vitiana) populations on Viwa-Tailevu, Fiji Islands Edward Narayan 12
Haematology and serum biochemical parameters in free-ranging African side neck turtle (Pelusios sinuatus) in Ibadan, Nigeria A.O. Omonona, S.G. Olukole, F.A. Fushe 13
Morphological variation of Ridged Frogs of the Taita Hills, Kenya Rossa Ngendo, Eunice Kairu, Zipporah Osiemo, Callistus Ogol 14
Cross-amplification of microsatellite loci reveals multiple paternity in Halys pit viper (Gloydius halys) Evgeniy Simonov, Michael Wink 15
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibians from the Po River Delta, Northern Italy Gentile Francesco Ficetola, Alice Valentini, Claude Miaud, Andrea Noferini, Stefano Mazzotti, Tony Dejean 16
Dynamics of ovarian follicles in Tupinambis merianae lizards Maria Valeria Garcia Valdez, Silvia Chamut, Gonzalo Valdez Jaen Jaen, Osvaldo E.A. Arce, Mario E. Manes Manes 17
New distribution and genetic data extend the ranges of the spectacled salamanders, genus Salamandrina, in the Apulia region (South Italy) Cristiano Liuzzi, Fabio Mastropasqua, Daniele Salvi 18
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