Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 9 issue 3
Paper Author
An inquisition into bivariate threshold effects in the inflation-growth correlation: Evaluating South Africa’s macroeconomic objectives Andrew Phiri 1
Export-led growth in Tunisia: A wavelet filtering based analysis Hamrita Mohamed Essaied 2
Forecasting economic crisis using gradient measurement of development and log-logistic function Rafal Siedlecki, Daniel Papla 3
Role of personal taxes in capital structure decisions: Evidence from India Pankaj Sinha, Vishakha Bansal 4
Closing the value gap by the means of stock repurchase announcement – the case of Warsaw Stock Exchange Tomasz Slonski, Bartosz Zawadzki 5
Innovative capabilities, firm performance and foreign ownership: Empirical analysis of large and medium-sized companies form all industries Anita Talaja 6
Company size, book-to-market and momentum effects, and other deviations from the CAPM - evidence from the Warsaw stock exchange Leszek Czapiewski 7
Why the traditional principal agent theory may no longer apply to concentrated ownership systems and structures Marianne Ojo 8

These papers generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. After final updating if in line with review and agreement they will be published in this or following closest Volume.

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