Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 13 issue 3
Paper Author
2017 all seasons OPEN CALL FOR PUBLICATIONS, Volume 13, Issues 1-4 2017 Volume Issues 1-4 1
Micro-insurance in India: Insurance literacy and demand BEH_Vol13 Issue3_39 2
Applying Benfold Law into Jordanian insurance industry to identify earning's manipulations BEH_Vol13 Issue3_44 3
Faculty’s turnover in private higher learning institutions: A phenomenal inquiry Vijayan Ramasamy, Nor Hazana Abdullah 4
A Monte-Carlo-based latent factor modeling approach with time-varying volatility for value-at-risk estimation: Case of the Tunisian foreign exchange market BEH_Vol13 Issue3_44 5
The impact of bicultural skills, knowledge, abilities and other experiences on entrepreneurial orientation: The context of opportunity discovery, evaluation and implementation BEH_Vol13 Issue3_59 6
The relationship between downsizing communication and employee performance: The mediating effect of employee morale, retention, trust, commitment and motivation BEH_Volium13_Issue3_ 7
The approaches to evaluating public scientific organizations: the experience of leading countries and possibility of using them in Russia BEH_Volium13_I3_32 8
Do tax incentives matter for investment? A literature review Simon Munongo, Olusegun Ayo Akanbi, Zurika Robinson 9
The influence of workplace spirituality and procedural justice on work locus of control, employee job satisfaction and employee organisational commitment BEH_Vol13 Issue2_66 10

These papers generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. After final updating if in line with review and agreement they will be published in this or following closest Volume.

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