Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 13 issue 5
Paper Author
Do board characteristics and risk management disclosure have any effect on firm performance? Empirical evidence from Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria /// [[full paper & final metadata is under editing]] Mohammed Mahmud Kakanda, Basariah Salim, Sitraselvi Chandren 1
An assessment of smoking and non-smoking student preferences for the Thai smoking warning signs /// [[full paper & final metadata is under editing]] Peera Tangtammaruk 2
Determinants of Indonesian corporate bond yield /// [[full paper & final metadata is under editing]] Nicodemus Simu 3
Institutions and economic growth in Africa: Evidence from panel estimation /// [[full paper & final metadata is under editing]] Manamba Epaphra, Aminiel Humphrey Kombe 4
Determinants of Thai legal professionalism: A structural equation model analysis /// [[full paper & final metadata is under editing]] Cherdsak Teeranantawanich, Thepparat Phimolsathien 5
Underwriter and Auditor Reputation, Company Size and Age on IPO Underpricing of Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange///[[under review]] BEH Vol13 under revi 6

[These Articles are generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. Authors should wait for the final decision of editors. Only when the DOI and full text are assigned - then these Articles' records are final and verified. Planned/Called number of Volumes and Articles may change depending on stream of submission and their quality. So, Authors should keep attention on the update status of Volumes and Articles.]

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