Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 14 issue 2
Paper Author
A simplified endogenous economic growth model with social capital: Evidence for Ecuador Carlos Andres Moreno-Hurtado, Diego Alejandro Ochoa-Jimenez, Gonzalo Leonardo Izquierdo-Montoya 1
The development of company’s debt portfolio Irina Geraschenko 2
A discussion of joint bank and industry concentration Gerasimos Soldatos 3
Income differences, trade and Institutions: empirical evidence form low and middle-income countries Agus Eko Sujianto, Tulus Suryanto 4
The relationship between economic growth and employee provident fund: an empirical evidence from Malaysia Sallahuddin Hassan, Zalila Othman, Zalina Mohd Mohaideen 5
A study of elderly welfare by comparing private and public retirement homes: A case study in Bangkok Nattaya Prapaipanich 6
Are catastrophe bonds effective financial instruments in the transport and infrastructure industries? Evidence from international financial markets Fabio Pizzutilo, Elisabetta Venezia 7
Intergenerational fairness from an economic perspective: Overview of some theoretical and methodological issues Filip Chybalski 8
Efficiency and client satisfaction of Islamic and conventional banks: A bilateral effect Talla Aldeehani 9
Intangible factors and productivity: Evidence from Europe at the regional level Anneli Kaasa 10
Microfinance training and the number of loans received by SMEs. An empirical evidence from emerging economy Habibu Sani, Shazida Jan Mohd-Khan, Mohd Saifoul Zamzuri Noor 11
Impact of family control on the relationship between earning management and future performance in Indonesia Edy Suprianto, Doddy Setiawan 12
Shareholder’s involvement in the audit committee, audit quality and financial reporting lag in Nigeria Ishaq Ahmed Mohammed, Ayoib Che-Ahmad, Mazrah Malek 13
Analysing the human capital capabilities in the enterprise risk management function of South Africa’s public institutions Tankiso Moloi 14
Predicting financial distress: Applicability of O-score model for Pakistani firms Hamid Waqas, Rohani Md-Rus 15
Changes in the industrial structure of GDP and stock indices also with regard to industry 4.0 Bozena Chovancova, Michaela Dorocakova, Viera Malacka 16
Are fiscal budgets sustainable in South Africa? Evidence from provincial level data Kambale Kavase, Andrew Phiri 17
Love of money, gender, religiosity: The impact on ethical perceptions of future professional accountants Ietje Nazaruddin, Sri Budhi Rezki, Yasya Rahmanda 18

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