Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 14 issue 3
Paper Author
Effects of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: A case of 4- and 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ho Dinh Phi, Long Phan Thanh, Bang Nguyen Viet 1
Accounting expertise in the audit committee and earnings management Mujeeb Saif Mohsen Al-Absy, Ku Nor Izah Ku Ismail, Sitraselvi Chandren 2
Learning organization: a fine example of a management fad Slobodan Adzic 3
Does foreign direct investment reduce poverty? The case of Latin America in the twenty-first century Pablo Quiñonez, Joselin Saenz, Jessica Solorzano 4
Determinants of Chinese demand for tourism in Malaysia Chin-Hong Puah, Suk-Hie Huan, Fung-Thai Thien 5
Determinants of financial performance of banks in Central and Eastern Europe Roger Antoun, Ali Coskun, Bojan Georgievski 6
Participation in continuous professional development training and perceived teaching assessment: A case study at the Malaysian Technical University Nor Hazana Abdullah, Alina Shamsuddin, Eta Wahab, Muazu Hassan Muazu 7
Examining the nexus between exchange rate volatility and export performance: Empirical evidence from the Egyptian experience Heidi Aly Fahmy, Rana Hosni 8
Determinants of corporate cash holding: evidence from UK listed firms Phi Long Tran, Thu Phuong Ta, Duy Minh Vu, Duc Hoang Le 9
Corruption awareness and ethical decision making in Indonesia Ashari Ashari, Marthin Nanere, Philip Trebilcock 10
Board diversity, audit committee characteristics and audit quality: The moderating role of control-ownership wedge Aree Saeed Mustafa, Ayoib Che-Ahmad, Sitraselvi Chandren 11
Brand loyalty for domestic and global brands: A case of Thai fast-moving consumer goods Sonthaya Sampaothong 12
Moderating effect of competitive strategies on the relation between financial leverage and firm performance: evidence from Jordan Mahmoud Al-Rdaydeh, Ammar Yaser Almansour, Mohammad Ahmad Al-Omari 13
Economic impact of the change in tax rate on small enterprises of manufacturing and construction sectors: Evidence from Russia 2006-2014 Karen Tumanyants 14
Internal factors of bank profitability in the Republic of Serbia Violeta Domanovic, Violeta Todorovic, Sladjana Savovic 15
Inflationary effects of fiscal and monetary policies in Indonesia Jaka Sriyana 16
Outsider vs insider: Does firm governance matter? Yahya Uthman Abdullahi, Rokiah Ishak, Norfaiezah Sawandi 17
Socialization: An important factor of redenomination success in Indonesia Bulan Prabawani, Ita Hanika Musfirowati, Eri Werdani Riandhita 18
An empirical investigation between liquidity and key financial ratios of Islamic banks of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mosab Tabash 19

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