Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 14 issue 5
Paper Author
Do financial development and personal remittances matter in South African economic growth? A bound testing investigation Odunayo Magret Olarewaju, Gbenga Willifred Akinola, Verna Yearwood 2
Estimates of structural unemployment rates at a regional level: example of the Czech economy Vit Posta 3
Regional disparities in the spillover effect Sylvie Kotikova 4
How bad are the growth hampering effects of non-communicable diseases? The case of developing countries Hamza Loukili, Mohamed Amine, Gabriel Malka, Driss Frej 5
Effects of green marketing strategy on financial performance: The moderating role of government policy [in editorial process] Bilal M. Eneizan, Ali Matar, Abdelghafour Al-zawahreh, Abdelbaset M. Alkhawaldeh 6
Measuring the income and payroll tax burden with emphasis on the effective marginal tax rate [accepted - in editing process] Eva Rievajova, Alzbeta Kovarova, Andrej Privara 7
The contribution of banking services in enhancing the profitability of Jordanian commercial banks [conditionally accepted] Mohammad Ahmad Al-Omari, Ala G. Bashayreh, Abla S. Tahtamouni 8

[These Articles are generally selected for this Volume and shall undergo review and editorial procedures until online and print publication. Authors should wait for the final decision of editors. Only when the DOI and full text are assigned - then these Articles' records are final and verified. Planned/Called number of Volumes and Articles may change depending on stream of submission and their quality. So, Authors should keep attention on the update status of Volumes and Articles.]

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