Business and Economic Horizons

Volume 15 issue 1
Paper Author
The nexus prevalent in nonlinear finance and growth in the presence of macroeconomic instability in Turkey: Does the stock market really matter? Emrah Gulay 1
The value of education in the labour market. How realistic are student expectations? Alice Reissova, Jana Simsova 2
Dividend policy as a multi-purpose mechanism; the case of conventional and Islamic banks before and after the 2008 crisis Talla Aldeehani 3
Cointegration and causality between the GCC stock indices and gold indices Sami Al Kharusi, Esref Savas Basci 4
Influence of regulatory capital requirements on the self-financing capacity of a banking company Ivica Klinac, Anita Pesa, Berislav Bolfek 5
Cluster analysis of development of alternative finance models depending on the regional affiliation of countries Pavlo Rubanov, Tetiana Vasylieva, Serhiy Lyeonov, Svitlana Pokhylko 6
Efficiency analysis by combination of frontier methods: Evidence from unreplicated linear functional relationship model Omar Sharif, Md Zobaer Hasan, Chang Yun Fah, Mahboobeh Zangeneh Sirdari 7
The new Keynesian trade-off between output and inflation: Time series based evidence from Russia Chin-Hong Puah, Chong Yang Sim, Mui Yin Chin, M. Affendy Arip 8
Estimation of the world economic system stability from 1963 to 2013 by using a discrete dynamic model Anatoly Kilyachkov, Larisa Chaldaeva, Nikolay Kilyachkov 9
Can aid stimulate productivity in sub-Saharan Africa? A dynamic panel approach Katarzyna Swierczynska, Agata Kliber 10

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