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Stratigraphical study of a new outcrop of the Cabaços Formation (Oxfordian) at the Serra do Bouro region (Caldas da Rainha) ANA C. AZEREDO, M. CRISTINA CABRAL, M. JOAO MARTINS, ISABEL M. LOUREIRO, NUNO INES 1
The upper mantle beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Azores sector I. RIBEIRO DA COSTA, F.J.A.S. BARRIGA 2
Petrology and Geochemistry of lavas from Sal Island: Implications for the variability of the Cape Verde magmatism P. TORRES, L. C. SILVA, J. MUNHA, R. CALDEIRA, J. MATA, C. TASSINARI 3
Occurrence and Origin of Alluvial Xenotime from Central Eastern Portugal (Central Iberian Zone/Ossa-Morena Zone) D. Rosa, R. Salgueiro, C. Inverno, D. de Oliveira, F. Guimaraes 4
Speleothems of Granite Caves Sanjurjo Sanchez, J., Vidal Romani, J. R., Vaqueiro , M., Fernandez Mosquera, D. 5
Study of fluids related to hydrothermal alteration of biotite granites from Gerês and Guarda (Portugal) Iuliu Bobos, Fernando Noronha, Luis Jaques 6
Geochemistry of amphibole asbestos from northeastern Portugal and its use in monitoring the environmental impact of asbestos from quarrying R. J. S. Teixeira, A. M. R. Neiva, M. E. P. Gomes 7
The Odivelas Palaeozoic volcano-sedimentary sequence: Implications for the geology of the Ossa-Morena Southwestern border N. Moreira, G. Machado, P. E. Fonseca, J. C. Silva, R. C. G. S. Jorge, J. Mata Mata 8
Strain partitioning of Variscan deformation in the Peso da Régua and Vila Nova de Foz Côa region (Centro Iberian Zone autochthon) N. Moreira, M. Burcio, R. Dias, C. Coke 9
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