Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

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Paper Author
γ-Carbolines and their hydrogenated derivatives. 2.* Hydrogenated derivatives of γ-carbolines: methods of synthesis (review) R. S Alekseyev, A. V Kurkin, M. A. Yurovskaya 1
Methods for the synthesis of haloimidazoles (review) E. V. Aleksandrova, A. N. Kravchenko, P. M. Kochergin 2
Formazans in the synthesis of heterocycles I. Synthesis of azoles (Review) B. I. Buzykin 3
Pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalines based on pyrroles (Review) A. A. Kalinin, V. A. Mamedov 4
N-substituted 2,5-di(2-thienyl)pyrroles: application, production, properties, and electrochemical polymerization (review) A. Y. Bushueva, G.G. Abashev, E. V. Shklyaeva 5
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