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Criminal Attitudes, Recidivistic Behaviour, and the Mediating Role of Associations with Criminal Friends: An Empirical Investigation within a Prison Sample of Violent Offenders Daniel Boduszek, Philip Hyland, Jacek Pedziszczak, Krzysztof Kielkiewicz 1
An Empirical Evaluation of a Set of Recommendations for Extrasensory Perception Experimental Research Jose M Perez-Navarro, Xana Martinez Guerra 2
Media Representations of Youth Violence in Bulgaria Stanislava Stoyanova 3
Parent – Adolescent Communication and Delinquency: A Comparative Study in Kolkata, India Tanusree Moitra, Indrani Mukherjee 4
Work Experiences, Satisfactions and Psychological Well-being among Women Managers and Professionals in Turkey Ronald J. Burke, Mustafa Koyuncu, Jacob Wolpin 5
Human Responses to Disasters: A Pilot Study on Peritraumatic Emotional and Cognitive Processing Anna Grimm, Lynn Hulse, Silke Schmidt 6
Validation of Dimensionality of Affect Intensity using the Hindi Version of the Emotional Intensity Scale Rakesh Pandey, Prachi Saxena 7
Exploring the Relationship among Loneliness, Self-esteem, Self-efficacy and Gender in United Arab Emirates College Students Saleh A. Al Khatib 8
Freud’s Conceptualization of the Social World: Psychology Recapitulating Sociology or Sociology Recapitulating Psychology? Jonathan N. Stea 9
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