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Fitting Airport Privatisation to Purpose: Aligning Governance, Time and Management Focus Donnet Timothy, Keast Robyn, Walker Arron 1
Going soft: on how Subjective Variables Explain Modal Choices for Leisure Travel Acker Veronique Van, Mokhtarian Patricia L., Witlox Frank 2
An Investigation of Container Train Service Provision and Load Factors in Great Britain Woodburn Allan 3
Modelling Traveller Behaviour under Emergency Evacuation Conditions Pel Adam, Bliemer Michiel, Hoogendoorn Serge 4
Stochastic User Equilibrium and Value-of-time Analysis with Reference-dependent Route Choice Site Paolo Delle, Filippi Francesco 5
Strategy for Attending Takeoffs and Landings to Reduce the Aircraft Operating Costs and the Passenger Delays García Alfonso Herrera, Quintero Eric Moreno 6
Efficiency Comparison of Various Parking Charge Schemes Considering Daily Travel Cost in a Linear City Zhang Xiaoning, Wee Bert van 7
What drives the Acceptability of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)? Vlassenroot Sven, Molin Eric, Kavadias Dimokritos, Marchau Vincent, Brookhuis Karel, Witlox Frank 8
Book Review Bekhor Shlomo 9
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