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Paper Author
Participatory Research Methods: A Methodological Approach in Motion Jarg Bergold, Stefan Thomas 1
Opening up for Many Voices in Knowledge Construction Marit Borg, Bengt Karlsson, Hesook Suzie Kim, Brendan McCormack 2
Participatory Health Research: Who Participates in What? Hella von Unger 3
People with Disabilities as Border Crossers in the Academic Sector—Chances for Participatory Research Stephanie Goeke, Dagmar Kubanski 4
Where Participatory Approaches Meet Pragmatism in Funded (Health) Research: The Challenge of Finding Meaningful Space Tina Cook 5
Survivor-Controlled Research: A New Foundation for Thinking about Psychiatry and Mental Health Jasna Russo 6
Tricks of the Trade—Negotiations and Dealings between Researchers, Teachers and Students Veronika Wohrer, Bernhard Hocher 7
The Self-Conscious Researcher—Post-Modern Perspectives of Participatory Research with Young People Claire McCartan, Dirk Schubotz, Jonathan Murphy 8
The Research Imagination Amid Dilemmas of Engaging Young People in Critical Participatory Work Audrey M. Dentith, Lynda Measor, Michael P. O'Malley 9
Poetry and Participation: Scripting a Meaningful Research Text With Rape Crisis Workers Jean Rath 10
Participatory Research in Argentina: Three Experiences in the Educational Field within the Context of the Reinstatement of Democracy Sylvia Lenz 11
"Stars in the Arena?" Democracy Theory and its Implications for Participatory Research Monika Gotsch, Sabine Klinger, Andreas Thiesen 12
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