Forest Systems

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Establishment of the red gum psyllid parasitoid A. Huerta, J. Jaramillo, J. E. Araya 1
Alternative sampling methods to estimate structure A. Ayari, D. Moya, M. N. Rejeb, A. Ben Mansoura, S. Garchi, J. de las Heras, B. Hanchi 2
Simulation of silvicultural scenarios and economic efficiency C. Alegria 3
Influence of the soil storage method on soil enzymatic activities M. Andres Abellan, C. Wic Baena, F.A. Garcia Morote, M.I. Picazo Cordoba, D. Candel Perez, M.E. Lucas-Borja 4
Challenges for evaluating process-based models of gas exchange R. Grote, J. Korhonen, I. Mammarella 5
Fine roots of overstory Norway spruce (Picea abies) I. Catalin Petritan, B. von Lupke, A. M. Petritan 6
Growth and nutrition of Quercus petraea underplanted in artificial M. Noack 7
Former agriculture impacts on properties of Norway spruce forest D. Kacalek, D. Dusek, J. Novak, M. Slodicak, J. Bartos, V. Cernohous, V. Balcar 8
Regeneration in multi-species in Serra da Lousã A.C. Goncalves, A. Carvalho Oliveira 9
Management of mixed oak-pine forests under climate M. Gutsch, P. Lasch, F. Suckow, C. Reyer 10
Thinning effects on forest productivity and site characteristics J. Novak, M. Slodicak, D. Dusek 11
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