Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin

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Late Cretaceous basin development of the southern Danish Central Graben Finn Jakobsen, Claus Andersen 1
Identifying potential geothermal reservoirs in Denmark Anders Mathiesen, Lars Henrik Lars Henrik, Torben Bidstrup 2
Distribution and grain size of sand in the Miocene wave-dominated Billund delta, Denmark Erik S. Rasmussen, Jens Bruun-Petersen 3
3-D geological modelling of the Egebjerg area, Denmark, based on hydrogeophysical dat Flemming Jorgensen, Rasmus Ronde Molle, Peter Sandersen, Lars Nebel 4
The Continental Shelf Project of the Kingdom of Denmark – status at the beginning of 2010 Christian Marcussen, Martin V. Heinesen 5
Greenland ice sheet monitoring network (GLISN): a seismological approac Trine Dahl-Jense, Tine B. Larsen, Peter H. Voss, GLISN group 6
The mineral resource assessment project, South-East Greenland: year one Bo Moller Stensgaard, Jochen Kolb, Troels F.D. Nielsen, Simun D. Olsen, Llewellyn Pilbeam, Diana Lieber, Anette Clausen 7
Characterisation of host rocks and hydrothermal alteration of the Qussuk gold occurrence, southern West Greenland Denis Martin Schlatter, Rasmus Christensen 8
Borax – an alternative to mercury for gold extraction by small-scale miners: introducing the method in Tanzani Peter W.U. Appel, Jesper Bosse Jønsson 9
Vietnamese sedimentary basins: geological evolution and petroleum potentia Michael B.W. Fyhn, Henrik I. Petersen, Anders Mathiesen, Lars H. Nielsen, Stig A.S. Pedersen, Sofie Lindstrom, Jorgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Ioannis Abatzis, Lars O. Boldree 10
Potential for permanent geological storage of CO2 in China: the COACH project Niels E. Poulsen 11
Thin-skinned thrust-fault tectonics offshore south-west Vietna Stig A. Schack Pedersen, Lars Ole Boldreel, Emil Bach Madsen, Mette Bjerkvig Filtenborg, Lars Henrik Nielse 12
Interactive web analysis and presentation of computer- controlled scanning electron microscopy dat Peter Riisager, Nynke Keulen, Uffe Larsen, Roger K. McLiman, Christian Knudsen, Jorgen Tulstrup 13
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