Indian Journal of Biotechnology

Sample volume 2
Paper Author
Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of new Ho(III) and Er(III) complexes Irena Kostova, Petar Grigorov, Stefan Balkansky, Tsvetanka Stefanova 1
Oxidative stress and brain diseases: Biomarkers and analytical methodologies Rosanna Mancinelli, Eleonora Barlocci, Sonia Palminiello, Luciano Saso 2
Enzymatic detoxification of O2 and NO in the human parasite, Giardia intestinalis: A mini review Fabrizio Testa, Alessandro Giuffre, Daniela Mastronicola, Elena Forte, Paolo Sarti 3
Distribution of pathogenic factors in Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from intra-mammary infections in cattle and buffaloes R S Singh, Ravinder Kumar, B R Yadav 4
Impact of infectious Candida albicans biofilm on biomaterials Nivedita Singh, Vishnu Agrawal, Suma C Pemmaraju, Richa Panwar, Vikas Pruthi 5
Metabolism of cyclic-di-GMP in bacterial biofilms: From a general overview to biotechnological applications Nicoletta Castiglione, Valentina Stelitano, Serena Rinaldo, Giorgio Giardina, Manuela Caruso, Francesca Cutruzzola 6
In silico identification of putative drug targets in Klebsiella pneumonia MGH78578 John J Georrge, Valentina Umrania 7
In silico identification of B- and T-cell epitopes on OMPLA and LsrC from Salmonella typhi for peptide-based subunit vaccine design K Prabhavathy, P Perumal, N SundaraBaalaji 8
Biocatalytic route for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical diol: A greener approach Vachan Singh Meena, U C Banerjee 9
Adopting structural elements from intrinsically stable phytase— A promising strategy towards thermostable phytases Mrudula Vasudevan Ushasree, Husaiba Beevi Salim Sumayya, Ashok Pandey 10
Comparative elucidation of properties of sucrase-cellobiase co-aggregate produced in media containing sucrose by Termitomyces clypeatus Samudra Prosad Banik, Swagata Pal, Shakuntala Ghorai, Rajib Majumder, Soumya Mukherjee, Sudeshna Chowdhury, Suman Khowala 11
Cloning and expression of an intronless gene encoding endoglucanase from Aspergillus fumigatus MKU1 B Meera, M C Vanitha, G Ramani, A Manjula, P Gunasekaran 12
RAPD profile and rDNA sequence analysis of Talaromyces flavus and Trichoderma species B N Chakraborty, U Chakraborty, K Sunar, P L Dey 13
Pyrene biodegradation by free and immobilized cells of Mycobacterium frederiksbergense using a solvent encapsulated system Saurabh Jyoti Sarma, Kannan Pakshirajan, K B G Saamrat 14
Biodegradation of poultry feathers by a novel bacterial isolate Bacillus altitudinis GVC11 E Vijay Kumar, M Srijana, K Chaitanya, Y Harish Kumar Reddy, Gopal Reddy 15

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