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Construction labor production rates modeling using artificial neural network Sana Muqeem, Arazi Idrus, Faris Khamidi, Jale Bin Ahmad, Saiful Bin Zakaria 1
Product modeling of configurable building systems - a case study Linus Malmgren, Patrik Jensen, Thomas Olofsson 2
A preliminary review on the legal implications of BIM and model ownership Oluwole Alfred Olatunji 3
Analysis of the Use of e-procurement in the Public and Private Sectors of the UK Construction Industry Robert Eadie, Srinath Perera, George Heaney 4
Modelling organizations’ structural adjustment to BIM adoption: a pilot study on estimating organizations Oluwole Alfred Olatunji 5
Attitudinal, behavioural, and cultural impacts on e-business use in a project team: a case study Graham Brewer, Thayaparan Gajendram 6
An ontology-driven building construction labour cost estimation in Cameroon F. H. Abanda, J.H.M. Tah, C. Pettang, M. B. Manjia 7
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