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Paper Author
Statistical Software for State Space Methods Jacques Commandeur, Koopman Siem Jan, Ooms Marius 1
The STAMP Software for State Space Models Roy Mendelssohn 2
State Space Methods in Ox/SsfPack Pelagatti Matteo M. 3
State Space Models in R Petris Giovanni, Petrone Sonia 4
State Space Modeling Using SsfPack in Zivot Eric W. 5
The State Space Models Toolbox for MATLAB Peng Jyh-Ying, Aston John A. D. 6
REGCMPNT { A Fortran Program for Regression Models with ARIMA Component Errors Bell William R. 7
Fitting State Space Models with EViews Bossche Filip 8
State Space Methods in RATS Doan Thomas 9
State Space Methods in Stata Drukker David M., Gates Richard B. 10
State Space Methods in gretl Lucchetti Riccardo 11
State Space Modeling Using SAS Selukar Rajesh 12
A Bayesian Analysis of Unobserved Component Models Using Ox Bos Charles S. 13
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