Journal of Vibroengineering

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Sample volume 15 issue 2
Paper Author
Using continuous wavelet transform of generalized flexibility matrix in damage identification M. R. Ashory, M. Masoumi, E. Jamshidi, B. Khalili 1
Influence of surface run-out on disc brake squeal Hong Ming Lv, Zhuo Ping Yu, Li Jun Zhang 2
Modelling of the ground motion of the maximum probable earthquake and its impact on buildings, Vilnius city S. Å liaupa 3
Numerical and experimental results from measuring spinal implant stability Petr HenyÅ¡, Luká&A Äapek 4
Numerical simulation and manifold learning for the vibration of molten steel draining from a ladle Qing Zhang, Jing Wang, Yizhuo Zhang, Guanghua Xu 5
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