Journal of Computational Geometry

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Connected Rectilinear Graphs on Point Sets Maarten Loffler, Elena Mumford 1
Approximate Euclidean Ramsey Theorems Adrian Dumitrescu 2
Delaunay Triangulation of Imprecise Points, Preprocess and Actually Get a Fast Query Time Olivier Devillers 3
Constant-work-space algorithms for geometric problems Tetsuo Asano, Wolfgang Mulzer, Gunter Rote, Yajun Wang 4
Good quality virtual realization of unit disk graphs Sriram Pemmaraju, Imran Pirwani 5
Recursive tilings and space-filling curves with little fragmentation Herman Haverkort 6
Points with large quadrant depth Roel Apfelbaum, Itay Ben-Dan, Stefan Felsner, Tillmann Miltzow, Rom Pinchasi, Torsten Ueckerdt, Ran Ziv 7
Optimally fast incremental Manhattan plane embedding and planar tight span construction David Eppstein 8
d-representability of simplicial complexes of fixed dimension Martin Tancer 9
A fixed-parameter algorithm for the minimum Manhattan network problem Christian Knauer, Andreas Spillner 10
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