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Effectiveness of selected preservatives in protecting Ugandan grown Eucalyptus grandis wood against termite attack. I. E. Ssemaganda, P. Mugabi, S. B. Tumwebaze 1
Evaluating vibrations on a small-scale model of a timber footbridge Antonio Alves Dias, Marcelo Rodrigo Carreira, Pedro Gutemberg de Alcantara Segundinho 2
Fibre level modelling of free water behaviour during wood drying and wetting Jarl-Gunnar Salin 3
Mass transfer in medium density fiberboard (MDF) modified by Na montmorillonite (Na MMT) nanoclay. Reza Zahedsheijani, Hadi Gholamiyan, Asghar Tarmian, Hossein Yousef 4
Inclusion of the sorption hysteresis phenomenon in future drying models: Some basic considerations Jarl-Gunnar Salin 5
Wettability study and surface characterizacion by confocal laser scanning microscopy of rotary-peeled wood veneers Gonzalo Vazquez, Cristina Galinanes, M. Sonia Freire, G. Antorrena, Julia Gonzalez-Alvarez 6
Influences of the operating variables of acetosolv pulping on pulp properties of oil palm frond fibres W.D. Wanrosli, I. Mazlan, K.N. Law, R. Nasrullah 7
Effect and mechanism of nanosize copper oxide on some physical and mechanical properties of flakeboards Wei Gao, Jinzhen Cao, D. Pascal Kamdem 8
Radial and longitudinal basic density variation in 16 years old Eucalyptus regnans trees Margarette Omonte, Luis Valenzuela 9
Effect of sodium sulfite charge in NSSC pulping of E. globulus Miguel Angel Pereira, Rudolf Patt, Othar Kordsachia 10
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