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Volume 1
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Health economic rates for medical services and clinical economic analysis as components of health reform in Kazakhstan Gulziya Ismailova, Kulmaram Aydarhanova, Adi Demessinov, Alma Aubakirova 1
Effect of psammotherapy on cardiovascular system of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in stage of rehabilitation Ilmurat Nurov 2
Actual problems of cellular cardiomyoplasty Abay Baygenzhin, Saltanat Tuganbekova, Galina Fedotovskyh, Aliya Zholdasbekova, Bulat Kaupov, Manarbek Askarov 3
Effectiveness of education programs in the treatment of patients with heart failure Gulnar Zhussupova, Natalya Zagorulya 4
Optimization of combined radiation therapy of the cervix cancer Alikhan Dossakhanov, Zhanna Telguziyeva, Vladimir Philippenko 5
Molecular biological peculiarities of “triple negative” breast cancer Suriya Yessentayeva, Nino Chichua, Galina Khamidullina, Yelena Sreda, Kaldigul Smagulova, Aliya Turesheva, Zhanna Mussakhanova, Bakir Kozhakhmetov, Roza Abdulakhanova, Gulnar Tleugabilova 6
Structure of neurotic disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and their relationship with the clinical and laboratory indexes Erkin Toirov 7
Morphological features of chronic viral hepatitis “B” depending on the virus genotype Botir Тadjiev, Asrol Zakhirhodjaev, Tatyana Hegay, Bahram Aliev 8
Correlating alleles of genes LPH, CALCR, COL1A1, VDR with the indicators of bone tissue mineral density in female population of Eastern Kazakhstan Saule Kabylova, Nagima Mamedaliyeva, Ainur Akylzhanova 9
Bone demineralization in children suffering from primary hyperparathyroidism Mahmud Aliev, Abdusattar Nasirov, Saidgani Ismailov, Kamil Uzbekov, Bilim Terebaev 10
Clinical analysis of psoriasis course in children Kahramon Khaitov, Abdushukur Mannanov, Feruza Turakhodjaeva 11
Genetic characteristic of non-syndromal neurosensory children’s hearing loss in Uzbek population Nilufar Khushvakova, Rustam Mukhamedov, Abdumalik Hakimov 12
Complex evaluation of scoliosis correction results using single and double-sided tool systems Fathulla Umarhodzhaev, Ganibek Salamatov, Mirhotam Tadjiev 13
The character of the defects in the medical care Shavkat Islamov 14
Problem of mental and behavioral disorders related with the dependence on psychoactive drugs Aida Tolstikova, Bakyt Yerkinbekova 15
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