Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 10
Paper Author
Efficacy and safety of intra-arterial thrombolytic therapy for ischemic stroke Abdurakhman Zakhidov, Shukhrat Mubarakov, Farruh Djalalov, Natalya Dadamyantc, Djasur Khusankhodjaev 1
Prognosis of non Q-wave myocardial infarction in the elderly residing in Almaty Almagul Mansharipova, Adlet Zhotabaev, Diana Zagulova 2
Some peculiarities of hemodynamic indices in pregnant women with rheumatic heart disease during childbirth Tashpulat Abdukarimov 3
The choice of optimum obstetrical tactics in pregnant women with rheumatic heart disease: Delivery through natural maternal passages or Caesarean operation? Munira Asatova, Tashpulat Abdukarimov 4
The condition of immune system of infants with congenital cleft lip and palate Amrillo Inoyatov, Mamur Abdurakhmanov, Sanjar Sharopov, Mukhamajon Azimov 5
The level of mediators of immune response in infants with congenital cleft lip and palate Amrillo Inoyatov, Mamur Abdurakhmanov, Sanjar Sharopov, Mukhamajon Azimov 6
X-Ray parameters of lumbar spine Otabek Ablyazov 7
Improvement of surgical treatment of intraoperative injuries of magistral bile ducts Zafar Kurbaniyazov, Mirshavkat Akbarov, Maqsud Nishanov, Kosim Rahmanov 8
Anti-aggregatory and fibrinolytic effects of time-released garlic powder tablets Igor Sobenin, Irina Andrianova, Viktoriya Ionova, Vasily Karagodin, Alexander Orekhov 9
Clinico-dynamic features of psychopathological disorders at heroin addiction young age Vasila Abdullaeva, Sabir Nurkhodjaev 10
Functional properties of laser effects on morphology of liver, gall bladder and bile ducts in cholelithiasis Bakhtior Shamirzaev 11
Enzymatic activity of the intestine in effect of pesticides of pyrethroid group Mukaddas Khamrakulova 12
Causes of shortage of living/cadaveric organs and tissues donation: Results of a public poll in Kazakhstan Kuat Oshakbayev, G. Kuttymuratov, A. Ospanova, A. Zhumadilov, N. Uderbayev, A. Hasenova, P. Oshakbayev, B. Dukenbayeva 13
Phytotherapy of calcium urolithiasis with extracts of medicinal plants: Changes of diuresis, urine pH and crystalluria Asilbek Gaybullaev, Saidakhror Kariev 14

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