Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 13
Paper Author
Endovascular maneuvers in treatment of lower extremity critical ischemia in patients with diabetes mellitus Ravshan Asamov, Said Ismailov, Telman Kamalov, Bekzod Abdullaev, Amet Seidaliev 1
Fluctuations of CD34 cells number in blood of cancer patients during final year of life Alexey Shoutko, Lyudmila Ekimova, Viktor Mus, Valentina Sokurenko 2
Evaluation of transplantation of mesenchymal cells in acute myocardial infarction Aliya Dzholdasbekova, Galina Fedotovskikh, Daniyar Jumaniyazov, Nadezhda Popova, Bayan Komsabakova 3
The efficiency of modern technology in pregnant women with hypertensive states Andrey Ahn 4
The cytokine status and immunocorrecting therapy for children of preschool age with bronchopulmonary pathology Sharofat Kuryazova 5
Characteristics of the effect of insecticide karate on the metabolism of the nucleic acids and proteins in the subcellular fractions of the liver and intestine Mukaddas Khamrakulova 6
Acute intestine infection and hepatitis: A disease risk analysis in urbanized areas of Kazakhstan Maria Omarova, Lyazat Orakbay, Idelbay Shuratov, Aizhan Dzhumagalieva, Esmuchan Zharkinov, Asya Kenzhebaeva, Aleksandr Tyan 7
Association of rs738409 PNPLA3 with the development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in patients of Uzbek nationality Guzal Sobirova 8
Screening of the elderly population of Semey region for infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurism with subsequent management Altay Dyussupov, Andrey Karpenko, Аlexandr Tshernyavsky, Akhmetkaly Dyussupov, Nurlan Rakhmetov, Almas Dyussupov 9
The influence of Coli form bacteria (CFB)contamination in urbanized areas on acute enteric infection (AEI) morbidity of population Maria Omarova, Lyazat Orakbay, Idelbay Shuratov, Aizhan Dzhumagalieva, Asya Kenzhebaeva 10
Cytokine spectrum in chronic hepatitis C with an autoimmune component Umida Nabieva, Adolat Ismailova 11
Planned relaparotomy and laparostomy - “aggressive methods” in the treatment of diffuse purulent peritonitis Boyko Koroukov, Damyan Damyanov, Stoyan Stoyanov 12
Comparative evaluation of the economic costs in patients underwent endoscopic surgery on nephrolithiasis in dependence on presence or absence of surgical complications Farhod Akilov, Shukhrat Giyasov, Shukhrat Mukhtarov, Furkat Nasirov 13
Methods of septum surgery (septoplasty) with cresto- and suturotomy Gulimbay Babakhanov, Saidakram Khasanov, Sunnat Makhsudov, Maqsad Bobokhonov, Anvar Almamatov 14
The combined application of extracorporeal detoxification methods in children with renal failure Talat Agzamhodjaev, Isroil Sharipov, Khurshid Nurmukhamedov 15
Effect of prolonged exposure of low doses of lambda-cyhalothrin on the thyroid function of the pregnant rats and their offspring Kadir Tukhtaev, Nargiza Zokirova, Sabirjan Tulemetov, Nodirbek Tukhtaev 16
Effect of long term exposure of low doses of lambda- cyhalothrin on the level of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes of the pregnant rats and their offspring Kadir Tukhtaev, Sabirjan Tulemetov, Nargiza Zokirova, Nodirbek Tukhtaev 17
Preventive activity of ascorbic acid on lead acetate induced cerebellar damaged in adult Wistar rats Sunday Abraham Musa, Iliyasu, Musa Omoniye, Wilson Oliver Hamman, Augustine Oseloka Ibegbu, Uduak Emmanuel Umana 18
Rod unit for the treatment of multiple and isolated diaphyseal fractures of the tibia Esondavlat Shukurov 19
The state of immune system after vaccination of children with allergic diseases Lola Mullaeva 20
Orthopedic aspects of surgical treatment of the patients with lumbar osteochondrosis Khusniddin Nuraliev 21
Wild medical plants in the phytocenoses of the Northern Kazakhstan Galina Shtephan 22

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