Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 14 issue 1-2
Paper Author
Dento-maxillary anomalies among children with nasal septum deformations Gulimbay Babakhanov, Saidakram Khasanov, Sunnat Makhsudov, Maqsad Bobokhonov 1
Early predictors of renal dysfunction in patients with chronic heart failure I. Alikulov, Umida Kamilova, Z. Rasulova 2
Analysis of CTLA-4 gene 49A/G polymorphism in patients with Chronic Hepatitis C in Uzbekistan Sevara Azimova, Khamid Karimov, K. Boboev 3
Efficacy of various modes of therapy of the urge urinary incontinence in women Asilbek Gaybullaev, Abdumalik Abdurizaev, Farruh Sarimov 4
Working activity hygiene, central nervous system and attention function parameters of the working females at knitting enterprises of Uzbekistan Aziz Iskandarov 5
Analysis of changes in personality of female opium addicts in correlation with clinical-dynamic characterization of drug morbid attraction Faniya Shigakova 6
Significance of IL-6 and IL-17 cytokines in diagnostics and prognosis of the metabolic syndrome Takhmina Avazova, Nazira Khaitova, Adolat Ismailova 7
The surgical treatment of chronic recurrent hematogenous osteomyelitis in children Sukhrob Zayniev 8
Effectiveness of xenotransplantation of human fetal hepatocytes in spleen of rats with acute liver failure induced by CCL4 Abdukhakim Khadjibaev, Maisa Urazmetova, Aybek Madaminov, Ravshan Mavlyan-Hodjaev, Raisa Ahmedova, Feruza Yusupova 9
Operative correction of pectus excavatum deformity in children by the elasticity criteria of the sternocostal complex Iskandar Khodjanov, Sherali Khakimov, Khatam Kasymov 10
The psychological effects of radiological terrorism - a challenge to the family physician Vili Slavchev Zahariev, Nikolai Milenov Hristov 11
Push and pull factors of indian healthcare which can influence nanomedicine research Hariharan Rajanbabu, Vincentas Giedraitis, Vaiva Sečkutė, Ashish Sawaye 12
Anti-inflammatory activity of garlic oil extract Nemat Olimov, Abror Muhitdinov, Sobir Aminov, Xabibullo Aliyev 13
Assessment of activity of matrix metalloproteases 2 and 9 in their interconnection with the level of magnesium ions in the blood of patients with congenital prolapsed of mitral valve Gulandom Shodikulova 14
Investigations of rheological properties of diclofenac sodium gel preparation Firuza Maksudova, Ekut Karieva 15
Pharmacogenetic efficacy of perindopril in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus in prediction of diabetic nephropathy Gulnara Rakhimova, Akida Sadykova, Nasiba Alimova 16
“Eyecrol” in treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in oil and gas facility workmen and residents of the region Muhammadsultan Rustamov 17
Scanning electron microscopy of the ureters in children with obstructive ureterohydronephrosis Erkin Hakkulov 18
Morphological and immunohistochemical features of the lung tissue in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Kadir Tukhtaev, Gafur Shodiev, Zayniddin Giyasov 19

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