Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 2
Paper Author
Chemicals in the air of the work environment and health risks Karin Reinhold, Piia Tint 1
Inorganic biomimetics for clinical hematology Oleg Gradov, Margaret Gradova, Sergey Rybakov, Seo Jae Choon 2
Clinical and molecular-genetic investigation of non-syndromic hearing disorders in children of the Uzbek population Nilufar Khushvakova 3
Cytokine profile in newborn children with intrauterine infecti Zukhra Rakhmankulova 4
Nordamnacanthal induced apoptosis and mitotic-G2/M arrest with downregulation of Bcl-2 in the human breast cancer cell line (MCF-7) Norsyafini Ishak, Latifah Saiful Yazan, Nordin Haji Lajis 5
Evaluation of professional risk of malignant new tumors in workers of mining metallurgical plant Igor Kudryavcev, Abdurashid Hamraev 6
Immunologic features of speleotherapy in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Ilmurat Nurov 7
Secundum atrial septal defect: Results of percutaneous and surgical correction Alikhan Dossakhanov, Indira Khalilayeva, Serik Alimbayev, Dmitri Gorgunov 8
Vegetative nervous system disturbance in congenital heart diseases Mukhlisakhon Nurmukhamedova 9
Optimization of the surgical treatment in replantation of extremity segments Akmal Yuldashev, Abduhakim Hadgibaev 10
Our experience of the thoracoscopic sympathectomy in case of the periferial arteries diseases Shavkat Karimov, Ulugbek Berkinov, Nikolay Krotov 11
Review of 20-year's experience of surgical treatment of inflammatory-ulcerative diseases of the colon Sorabek Rakhmanov, Bekzod Navrusov 12
Minimally invasive method of fistulectomy in acute paraproctitis treatment of infants Abdurashid Hamraev, Iihtiyor Karimov 13
Course and treatment of hyperparathyroid crisis in children suffering from urolithiasis Abdusattar Hasirov, Mahmud Aliev, Saidgani Ismailov, Bilim Terebaev 14
Calcium deficit in diet as risk factor for osteopenic syndrome in pregnant women of young age Saule Kabylova 15
Nanocapsular forms of preparations in preclinical studies Almagul Mansharipova, Liza Tokeshova, Zhangentkhan Abllayuly, Alihan Dzhusipov, Galina Shokareva, Ekaterina Grinevich, Ali Ahsan, Murat Gilmanov, Zeynep Bulentaeva 16
Social factors of the repeated socially-dangerous action risk in people sick with schizophrenia Lyazzat Bazarbaeva 17
Codependency in families with alcohol-dependent persons Aida Tolstikova 18
Personality disorders at opioid dependent Vasila Abdullaeva, Sabir Nurkhodjaev 19

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