Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 3
Paper Author
Association analysis of anti-inflammatory cytokine genes with the development of atopic allergic rhinitis Vasila Alieva 1
Influence of glycorazmulin on the parameters of carbohydrate metabolism in alloxane diabetes Ziyoda Fayzieva, Ziyovutdin Khakimov 2
Regulation of homeostasis in the process of protein absorption from small intestine to blood Gulnara Islamova, Aziza Nishanova, Margarita Tarinova, Mukaddas Rahmatova, Akmal Yuldashev 3
Treating approaches of neurotic disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Erkin Toirov 4
Method of computer esthesiometry on distal parts of the lower extremities in diagnostics of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Natalia Shnayder, Elena Glushchenko, Diana Dmitrenko, Ekaterina Kozulina, Elena Kantimirova, Olga Darsavelidze, Ilya Kiselev, Marina Pilugina 5
Children psoriasis and psychosocial factors Kahramon Khaitov 6
Status of larynx in children with congenital cleft of upper lip and palate Nigora Makhkamova 7
Experience of using of tranexamic acid in patients with juvenile epipharyngeal angiofibroma Gayrat Lutfullaev 8
The possibilities of computer tomography in paecilomycosis of lungs Abdusalom Ashurov, Rohila Jabbarova 9
Up-to-date surgical tactics in echinococcosis of the lungs Zafar Murtazaev, Sobirjon Mamarajabov, Bakhodir Sabirov, Olmos Elbabaev 10
Clinical, diagnostic and molecular genetic features of chronic mixed-hepatitis B C in Uzbekistan Botir Тadjiev 11
Features of balance of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in newborns with herpes virus infections Zukhra Rakhmankulova 12
The diagnostics of postoperative abscesses of abdominal cavity in children Shukhrat Yusupov 13
Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder - related nightmares and other sleep disturbances with risperidone in combat veterans and victims of domestic and childhood abuse Nina Khachiyants 14
The profession “medical informatician” Jivka Vinarova, Polina Mihova 15
Defects of organization in rendering medical aid Shavkat Islamov 16

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