Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 4
Paper Author
Inferior alveolar nerve sensitivity changes after mandibular trauma Dainius Razukevicius, Ricardas Kubilius, Gintautas Sabalys, Algirdas Lukosiunas, Simonas Grybauskas 1
The pursuit flexibility of children with attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder I-Ching Lee, Chuan-Cheng Hung, Wen-Ho Yang, M-J Chen-Sea, Chin-Liang Tsai 2
Endothelial function within adolescents with cardiovascular risk Vladimir Strogiy, Tatiana Woitovich, Marina Borisionok, Natalia Zimnickaya, Galina Zinewich 3
Value of heart rate variability parameters in prognosis of intrauterine infection of infants with cytomegalovirus Shoira Agzamova 4
Genetic aspects of endothelium dysfunction in Uzbek hypertensive patients Gulnoza Khamidullaeva, Amayak Kevorkov, Marietta Eliseyeva 5
Laser therapy in the treatment of nonspecific lung diseases in children Lola Muhamadieva 6
Advantages of videothoracoscopic echinococcectomy of lungs in children Shavkat Salimov, Bobir Abdusamatov, Hojiakbar Usmanov, Alisher Vakhidov 7
Perfusion pulmonoscintigraphy in diagnostic of broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis Abdusalom Ashurov, Rohila Jabbarova 8
Bacteriological investigation and method of antigen connected lymphocytes (ACL) in determination of the etiological structure of sepsis in children at the early age Dilfuza Rabbimova 9
The experience of using glycerin during processing of larval cyst cavity Jamshed Shamsiev 10
Differentiated surgical tactics in patients with colic polyps and polyposis Dilshod Sapaev, Sarimbek Navruzov, Shukur Mamatkulov, Sharafat Sapaeva 11
Diagnostic significance of ultrasonic sonography in children with appendicular peritonitis Shukhrat Yusupov 12
Normative and perceived orthodontic needs among 12 year old school children in Chennai, India - A comparative study P. Sreedhar Reddy, Joseph John, S. Sarvanan, I. Meignana Arumugham 13
Insights into the occupational pressure of women health professionals Siew Yim Loh 14
Medical-social aspects of early osteosynthesis in children with multiple and combined trauma Tokhir Musaev 15
Some problems of organization and rehabilitation of patients with hepatitis viruses Тolebai Rakhupbekov, Sagit Imangazinov, Аyan Baigaliyev 16
Health-related quality of life in practically healthy people residing in Almaty city (Kazakhstan) Inkar Sagatov 17
Relation of computer esthesiometry and symptom scores in diagnostics of diabetic polyneuropathy Olga Kurumchina, Natalia Shnayder, Marina Petrova, Leonid Lipinskiy, Artem Faustov, Elena Terenteva, Elena Kantimirova, Olga Darsavelidze, Ilya Kiselev, Ekaterina Kozulina, Dmitriy Terskov 18
Morphofunctional changes in the brain blood loss on the background of alcohol intoxication Said Indiaminov 19
Effect of garlspin and glicoinuvit tablets on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in alloxan diabetes Ziyoda Fayzieva, Khabibula Aliyev, Nemat Olimov 20
Pathogenetic role of metabolic disorders in children with nephrolithiasis Mahmud Aliev, Nurlepes Utegenov 21

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