Medical and Health Science Journal

Volume 7
Paper Author
Infectious diseases and social stigma Joan L. Williams, Diego J. Gonzalez-Medina, Quan Vu Le 1
Family environment in relation to eating behavior and other health related behaviors in adolescents Theano Kalavana, Chrystalleni Lazarou, Constantinos Christodoulou 2
Pharmacogenetics of valproic acid as unmodified risk factor of adverse drug reactions Natalia Shnayder, Marina Pilugina, Diana Dmitrenko, Elena Bochanova, Evgenia Shapovalova, Svetlana Erikalova, Evgenia Shmatova, Elvira Khamraeva 3
The role of antigens and HLA class I haplotypes in indigenous women in Tashkent with hysteromyoma Landish Isanbaeva 4
Comparative characteristics of surgical treatment with subsequent radiotherapy for brain typical and atypical meningiomas Djamshidjon Alimov 5
Knowledge on breast cancer and practice of breast self examination among selected female university students in Malaysia Mehrnoosh Akhtari-Zavare, Muhamad Hanafiah Juni, Rosliza Abdul Manaf, Irmi Zarina Ismail, Salmiah Said 6
Integrated assessment of factors and degree of risk for development of severe immunodeficiency in HIV-infected children Olga Kim 7
Comparative analysis of newborns adaptation to intrauterine hypoxia and cerebral ischemia depending on the level of ROS activity and antioxidant defense system Zarina Khaybullina, Utkur Ibragimov, Guzal Khodjaeva, Nargiza Sidikova 8
Clinical features of posttraumatic epilepsy in children Anna Prokhorova 9
Immunohistochemical estimation of skin condition in the patients with atopic dermatitis in the course of treatment Kaldykul Saylauova 10
Pulmonary barrier function in surgical sepsis Yorkin Azizov, Alisher Ohunov, Oybek Sattarov, Bahrom Sahobov, Soyibjon Bozaripov 11
Prevalence and clinical presentation of the otorhinolaryngological organ pathologies in the patients with coagulopathies Shakhlo Bakieva 12
Pathogenetic approaches to the treatment of children with chronic pneumonia Rano Musajanova 13
Clinical and diagnostic aspects of treatment option for multiple fractures of long bones in children Fayzulla Umarov 14
Influence of Vobenzyme on the cytological parameters of the oral cavity in patients suffering from pollinosis Fatima Irsalieva 15
The prevalence of asthma symptoms among adolescents in Samarkand region of Uzbekistan Nazira Khaitova, Shukhrat Ziyadullaev, Nematilla Aralov 16
Characteristics of immunological disorders in children of early age with various forms of acute viral hepatitis B Toir Umarov, Asrol Zakirkhodjayev, Zayniddin Kamalov 17
Estimation of the heaviness of patients’ condition and the prognosis of their outcome with general peritonitis by the method of logistic regressive model Aziz Ermetov 18
Microbiologic structure of diffuse peritonitis Aziz Ermetov 19
The effect of beta-blockers metoprolol and atenolol on left ventricular early remodeling in patients with ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome Khasan Mamatkulov, Anis Alavi, Muzaffar Usarov 20
Roles of some markers of activation and apoptosis in psoriasis Saidnairkhon Alyavi 21
Etiological characteristics and clinical features of sepsis in early age children in different variants of mediator imbalance of the immune system Rushaniya Pulatova 22
Clinical manifestation of Kaposi’s sarcoma in HIV-infected boy Khalida Khalidova, Farkhad Nabiev 23

[The journal volume or issue may contain articles with different status – published, articles in press, conditionally accepted, and articles under final review. The published articles have all completed sections and elements including DOI, full text in pdf, references. All other types of articles are in-process articles; they have specific notes indicating to their current status after the peer review and editorial decisions. Article in press – planned to publication in some forthcoming or future volumes and issues. Conditionally accepted articles still have some issues which must be resolved. All in-process articles can be removed by the editorial office if all requirements and conditions for finalizing articles have not been met. Conditionally accepted articles can be channelled to future issues until the fully complying with journal's terms and conditions and editorial requirements.]

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