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Volume 8
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Monitoring of increase in leukemia prevalence for the last two quinquenniums in Karakalpakstan Dilmurod Saliev 1
Effectiveness of I and II line chemo-targeted therapy according to the scheme Oxaliplatin Capecitabine Bevacizumab (XELOX BVZ) in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) Kaldigul Smagulova, Nino Chichua, Zhetkergen Arzykulov, Suriya Yessentayeva, Ramil Abdrakhmanov, Assel Tumanova, Sholpan Mukanova, F. Мoldasheva 2
Direct efficiency of different modes of scheme “paclitaxel Caelyx” in the treatment of patients having inflammatory breast cancer Suriya Yessentayeva, Nino Chichua, A. Khozhayev, Zhanna Mussakhanova, Ramil Abdrakhmanov, Bakir Kozhakhmetov, Gulnar Tleugabilova, Roza Abdulakhanova, Yu. Starchenko, K. Niyazbekova 3
Growth and development of children with HIV/AIDS Olga Kim 4
Influence of immunomodulation on the first stage of antigen specific response to herpes vaccine in experiment Maria Omarova, Boris Karalnik, Tatyana Denisova, Altai Kalymbetov 5
Cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy and the fetus: A case presentation Aziza Khodjaeva 6
Reconstructive-plastic operations on uterus within the fertility recovery problem Zaur Karimov, Malika Khusankhodjaeva, Bulat Abdikulov 7
Intrauterine hypoxia of fetus - influence of ultra-low doses of antioxidant (experimental research) Zarina Khaybullina 8
Low invasive operations in combined pulmonary and hepatic echinococcosis in children Shavkat Salimov, Bobir Abdusamatov, Hojiakbar Usmanov, Mirshod Ergashev, Alisher Vakhidov 9
Investigation of association between bronchial asthma and gene FcεRIβ 109 C/T polymorphism in Uzbek population Nazira Khaitova, Shukhrat Ziyadullaev, Rustam Mukhamedov 10
Initial ultrastructural changes of the menisci in the knee joint after rupture of the collateral ligaments - Experimental study Manol Kalniev 11
Radiological diagnostic methods of soft-tissue components in the spinal canal forming lumbar stenosis Otabek Ablyazov 12
Diagnostic criteria of flatfoot and ways of rehabilitation therapy in children Murod Zokirhodjaev 13
Repair of metadiaphyseal fracture of the humerus in treating animals with calcium preparation in combination with vitamin D3 Fayzulla Umarov, Ninel Diеdukh, Svetlana Malyshkina, Rakhmonberdi Khodjaev 14
Ofloxacin analysis validation method in human blood plasma (in vitro) using solid-phase extraction HPLC Resmi Mustarichie, Wiwiek Indriyati, Iyan Sopyan 15
Hemodynamic state of indices at combined anesthesia with use of propofol in children Talat Agzamhodjaev, Anvar Yusupov, Shuhrat Salikhodjaev, Mahfuza Ismailova 16
Study of epidemiological features of acute enteric infections of the various etiologies Maria Omarova, Daniyar Aspetov, Lyazat Orakbay, Assia Kenjebayeva, Bayan Zhumatova, Aigul Karbuzova 17
The study of Escherichia coli interferon-producing ability Daniyar Aspetov, Maria Omarova, Lyazat Orakbay, Bayan Zhumatova, Assia Kenjebayeva, Nurgul Shaketova 18
Assessment of influence of duodenogastric reflux on course of gastroesophageal reflux disease Abdujabar Akhmatkhodjaev 19
Estimation of the importance of biological value of nutrition allowances for weightlifting sportsmen in the conditions of hot climate Baxrom Tuhtarov 20
Pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomic estimates of a drug formulary based on the model of a clinic providing highly specialized medical care Sholpan Akhelova 21
Changes in the level of fetal DNA in blood serum of women with non-developing pregnancy Dilnoza Saidjalilova 22

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