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Wolbachia endobacteria depletion by doxycycline as antifilarial therapy has macrofilaricidal activity in onchocerciasis: a randomized placebo-controlled study Achim Hoerauf, Sabine Specht, Marcelle Buttner, Kenneth Pfarr, Sabine Mand, Rolf Fimmers, Yeboah Marfo-Debrekyei, Peter Konadu, Alexander Yaw Debrah, Claudio Bandi, Norbert Brattig, Anna Albers, John Larbi, Linda Bats, Mark J. Taylor, Ohene Adjei, Dietrich W. Buttne 1
Using distinct molecular signatures of human monocytes and dendritic cells to predict adjuvant activity and pyrogenicity of TLR agonists Richard Kenmoe Kamgang, Ines Ramos, Lurdes Rodrigues Duarte, Mascia Ghielmetti, Marina Freudenberg, Clemens Dahinden, Elisabetta Padovan 2
Characterization and intracellular localization of putative Chlamydia pneumoniae effector proteins Florian Sattelmacher, Raimond Lugert, Nicole Muller, Uwe Gross 3
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