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Volume 1 issue 1
Paper Author
Transfer of technology as way for sustainable development and building up knowledge society Albena Vutsova 1
Open innovation and universities. Insights from an interregional survey Tibor Dory 2
Innovative capabilities, firm performance and foreign ownership: empirical analysis of large and medium-sized companies form all industries Anita Talaja 3
M-learning as a Trend Jan Beseda, Zbynek Machat, Lukas Palecek 4
Factors and conditions of innovative development Republics Uzbekistan Kamila Khodjaeva 5
National innovation systems: Institutional changes Karel Muller 6
The capacity of absorption of the international technology transfer, its limits and the analysis of the possibilities of production of knowledge in developing countries: The case of Republic of Moldova Maia Pisaniuc 7
Modelling cross-border regional network for innovative development Pere Tumbas, Predrag Matkovic, Marton Sakal 8
The modern concept of business engineering Alexander Sichinava, Zurab Chkhaidze, Shota Veshapidze 9
GPS technology to monitoring auto transport in Latvia Victor Boicov 10
Commercialization of the results of intellectual work of young scientists through establishing innovative enterprises Elena Selivanova 11
Experience of implementation of independent examination of medical schools graduates in the Republic of Kazakhstan Bagdat Imasheva, Nurgul Khamzina, Almagul Kauysheva, Arman Kussainova 12
Electronic resources on the statistical functions of the program excel Aghamehdi Mehdialiyev 13
Effect of pesticide decis on the levels of nucleic acids and protein in the animals under condition of air high temperature, and their regulation with complex of bioactivators Mukaddas Khamrakulova 14
Functional condition of cardiovascular system of women employed in knitwear factories in the hot period of the year Aziz Iskandarov 15
Selection of lactic acid bacteria and yeast for koumiss starter and its impact on quality of koumiss Zubaira Kozhakhmetova, Gulmira Kasenova 16
Studying the possibility of dehairing coarse sheep wool Murat Otynshiyev, Indira Jurinskaya 17
Preparation of postgraduate students at the Kazakh National Agrarian University Ulzhan Akilova, Asel Imasheva, Gulmira Alpysbaeva 18
Commercialization of innovative technologies in agroecology: Problems and solutions Raushan Ramazanova 19
Storage features of Lactobacillus Brevis strain 9 Utemurat Sagyndykov, Zubaira Kozhakhmetova, Gulmira Kasenova 20
Assessing current quality management system in enterprises prior to implementing the quality management system based on HACCP Kayrat Mukhamedzhanov, Asiya Serikbaeva, Lyaylya Bupebaeva 21
Development of phytodrug for gerontological practice Almagul Mansharipova, Aykan Akanov, Elmira Husainova, Elena Severova, Natalya Pominova, Nasir Ahmad, Gulnara Moldabek, Adilman Nurmukhambetov, Zinaida Kim 22
Developing an integrated system of heating and hot water for distributed objects based on the use of renewable energy sources with remote control Yertugan Umbetkuiov 23
New developments in the lift-and-carry machine building industry Ainash Beisenova, Natalya Bazinova 24
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